U-Boat Type VII C 1/72 Scale

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by kooklik, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Thanks for the single archive and pointing out the Excel sheet. That helps a LOT.

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    Now I get it

    You're right - I misunderstood. I seem to be on a run of sticking my foot in my mouth :cry:.

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    So! your no orphan in doing that:eek:
    In your sig file the seaview tell me more, size, who when how what & where.
    At the moment I'm looking at a 39" f/glass model for $120: $700 if r/c.
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    Tony, I wish I could say for sure when. I have several projects to finish up first. The Seaview has ended up on the back burner for a while. I think I started the project two years ago. I obtained a mesh from Luis Ramos Janeiro with his permission to develop it into a paper model, and started working at reducing the poly count and getting it ready, but I also share that project ADD problem and keep getting distracted. I have finally established a priority list, but the seaview is third or fourth on the list so realistically it's probably at least a year away.
    I'll start a thread when it gets going, so keep your digital ears (Dears?) open.


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    Your Thai customer seems to be doing an excellent job. That hull is nice and straight. Did he build the formers out of foamcore?

    Mike :wave:
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    Is it possible for this thread to be converted to a PDF and placed in the tutorials section like some other fine threads?

    It would be very helpful. Normally I'd do it myself but Acrobat is not cooperating.
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    Hi Mike
    I'm not sure that I understand your question correctly.

    His former is made of a kind of paper. We can buy at stationary store. This paper is for architect model building. It is made from sugarcane. Light but strong and easy for cutting.

    Best Regards
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    Foamcore is a layer of fairly dense foam sandwiched between two layers of card. It's available in several thicknesses and colours. It's light and strong and can be easily cut and glued. It's often used for constructing architectural models.

    Mike :wave:
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    Are the Rev pages still available?

    Computer crashed and all i have is the CD I recieved...whooops

    John John
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    Please PM me your e-mail. I'll send the patches.
  12. kooklik

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    Dear John
    Sorry for lately response. I sent the download link via your PM. Please open it.
    Best Regards
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    is the latest patch available on the web somewhere?

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    Plese see my reply in your PM.
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    Great Model!
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    Thank you wa6677 and stickyfingers.
    Your posts made me think of the days I did the U-Boat.

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    is the U Boat still for sail How do I pay for it and is it a disk

    I have been building paper model for a bout a year now and the whole time looking for a good u boat. and have found one, the best paper model I of any type

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  20. MAC99

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    Hi Bernhard
    I cked the ones on ecardmodels. Do you know how big the files are the only offer download,are they with all updates


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