U-Boat Type VII C 1/72 Scale

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  1. kooklik

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    Hi Tony
    The monsoon boats (U-178 Type IXD2 and others) operated in Southern of Thailand. But did not so succeed in operations.
    I-400 the big under sea monster is a famous submarine but 6ft in 1/72 is too big for ordinary shelf. sign1

    Best Regards
    ---- kooklik ----
  2. osmium

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    Other types of U-boats

    Hey, if you are going to stick to submarines how about some of the other nationalities like the Dutch boats or even going back to WWI and doing WWI boats or the ill fated British K-Boat series. Let me know if you need more info on some of the boats because I have a pdf I could send you if you would like.

  3. 57townsman

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    If you're taking suggestions, how about some research submarines, Alvin, Trieste, Etc? Reference material may be readily available and they haven't been modeled much.

    Otherwise I vote for the I-400 :mrgreen:

  4. Stev0

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    See ... this is what kind of scares me. :eek:
  5. fcwaj

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    How about a large scale conning tower maybe in scale with some readily available plastic or resin figures.----- Shhh! who said that dreaded p-word


    Maintaineth thy airspeed lest the ground come up and smite thee.
  6. Gainer

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    I-400 is awesome, wouldn't mind one, though Tamiya makes a nice one that i've built
  7. hmas

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    Tamiya did a too small a scale!
    In 1/72 scale it would be 6' long mine in 1/32 scale will be close on 13'6" & fully working!
    Apart from that, Lindberg is releasing 2 Japanese boats in 1/72 scale in 2008 which will make the type VII in 1/72 look very small :cool:
    Plus a Chinese company Soar has released a I-400 sub in 1/144scale
  8. jaffro

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  11. 57townsman

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    Wow! They are the company that put out the 1/35 Dora railway gun. Lots of cool stuff on their website. No paper though :cry:

    Soar Art Workshop


  12. Stev0

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  13. Gainer

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    THe Revell GATO class sub ain't small either... 52 inches, dominates my shelves
  14. cdavenport

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    Your English is better than our Thai! The wintergarden is the deck where the anti-aircraft guns are.

    Will you sell this model as a kit?
  15. cdavenport

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    Your English is better than our Thai!
    It is the deck behind the conning tower where the anti-aircraft guns are.
    Are you selling this model kit?
  16. kooklik

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    Thanks for your kind explanation, cdavenport.
    Now I'm editing assembly instruction.
    12 pages finished. Still 1-2 pages left.
    and 28-30 pages A4 size for parts.

    Best Regards
    ---- kooklik ----

    Now I'm in Japan , looking for I-400 or IJN submarines books but not found yet.
  17. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    IJN Submarines are not documented to the extent of German ones... Wish you best of luck ^^
  18. B-Manic

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  19. kooklik

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    Hi to All
    Long time not update here. But I'm still working on my sub. Just finished assembly instruction and parts pages.

    == Summarize ==
    Instruction A4 11 pages
    Drawings A4 3 pages
    Parts A4 29 pages
    Total part number 967 pieces.
    Coloring work now starting.

    Best Regards
    ---- kooklik ----
  20. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Nice! Is it going to be a full-vertor document? Or will there be bitmaps? Also just curious if you are going to do a great amount of weathering to the colour...

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