U-Boat Type VII C 1/72 Scale

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by kooklik, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi Paulhbell
    I already put it in the kit together with jig. Very simple to make 5 meters rails. Just enlarge printing to be 1:1. :-D
  2. Bowdenja

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  3. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    I don't really think you can get away using only 5 metres for that ;)
  4. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Access Ladders to 2.0 cm Flaks platform.

  5. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member


    How did you make the curved ladders?
  6. David H

    David H Member

    Oh boy that's mighty fine laddery!

  7. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    I bend the copper wire on 1.5 mm shaft.
  8. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi to all

    Rail for 3.7 cm flak platform. I spent whole day to complete it.
    In this step , I improved wires holding jig. It could help me to hold all wires at their correct positions.




  9. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Beautiful work there.
  10. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Thanks Rick
  11. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Magnificent!!! I wonder if I can make those railings out of paper...

    And Kooklik, just asking I noticed there is a gap between the hull and the superstructure, is that intentional?
  12. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Hmmm interesting idea to make a card jib for wirework... i'm surprised we dont see this on purchased printed models. From the kits I have it's just ... #x#cm tall wires, #x#cm long wires and away you go.

    Are your pulling design/plan/build concepts from some examples or just thinking this up as you go along?

    Again... this thread gets my attention everytime [​IMG]
  13. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    No, it's a design bug.
  14. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Thanks for giving comments and questions.
    Wire forming Jig concept , I created from this mockup build. I couldn't hold and assemble parts without jig. It's impossible for me to hold and glue in the same time. Design/plan then build is the good way to debug the kit. While i build I can see problems from my design. Collect problems and debug when making instruction.

    Best Regards
  15. yaniv

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    i think the russion looks at your sub and just look for the way to conatact u :)

    but they dont know that i am the only 1 with your msn :)
  16. kooklik

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    Hi Yaniv
    Long time, your c-47 is parking in the hanger. I wait for being your co-pilot.
  17. gpetroce

    gpetroce New Member

    Hello Kooklik, thanks a lot for sharing such a great project. I'm new to the thread and was completely possessed by it. As a big fan of U-boats just can't wait until your release. Write me down as a future customer should you sell the kit!

    Keep up the great work.

  18. kooklik

    kooklik Member

    Hi Gaston
    Thanks for interesting in my model. I'm very glad to hear that a big u-boat fan want to build my boat. Hope we can share more boats' details or histories of u-boats.

    Best Regards
  19. Rev

    Rev Member

    picture attachment help

    Any chance the picture attachments can be figured out on this design and build project. This is my favorite all time build and I would like to see it again and again and again.

    I can't wait to see more of this build and eventually build it myself.
  20. Padre

    Padre Guest

    Am I the only one who opens attachments expecting to view this amazing build and then sees TRAINS???wall1:curse::curse::curse::curse:

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