U-25 B from American Models "S" scale

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Greg Elems, Dec 26, 2003.

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    If those are anything like the Trainmaster they came out with, they'll be a sweet running machine.

  3. Greg Elems

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    American Models has finally posted the news of their U-25B on their web page. They are supposed to be delivered in the next week or so from what I hear.
    Not a bad looking model, but not up to their earlier diesels IMHO. It shouldn’t take much to put Kadee’s and fill the hole in the pilot.


  4. Greg Elems

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    A view of the whole engine on the firemans side.

  5. Greg Elems

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    Another view looking down. Some nice detail but some glarring holes too. Nothing a bit of styrene, paint and Kadee couplers won't help. :D

  6. SuperSport

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    Hi Greg, thanks for the photos and info.
    It is a nice model but unfortunatley not used
    by the railroad I'm modeling. I like the small
    details like the wipers and tread plate on the walkways.
    Details like that, "turn it up a notch"!
    I hope Ron comes out with a GP38-2 or even the
    SD40-2 or the Alco/MLW C424..... or the.......
  7. Greg Elems

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    SuperSport what road do you model? I model the WP but SP was next to WP for a good portion of their right of ways. I figured I would use the SP for a transfer unit and have it appear on the layout with a train from staging. WP didn't have GP-38's but GP-40's sure would be nice, as would some U23B's or U30B's. Some BN C425's would fit in nice too.

  8. SuperSport

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    Greg, I model Canadian National and VIA Rail (1980~ 199?)
    I would like to cast some detail parts I am making but need more info on how to go about it.
    I like your photos they are nice and crisp! send more of your S scale models.
    I think S scale has made a jump in quality and quantity in the last 6 to 8 years.
    thanks for all the info.

  9. Greg Elems

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    If you don’t mind sending off an original, I have a friend that might be convinced to make rubber molds and cast up the urethane parts. Just a thought. If you like, private message me and we can exchange e mail addresses.

    >I like your photos they are nice and crisp!

    Thanks Joe, the wife bought a good digital camera. I will post some more S equipment shots, as they get taken. Most of my S equipment is in storage, but with these new engines, that will change.

    S scale of today isn’t the AF trains of the 50’s that’s for sure. I was invited to an operating session on an HO layout last night and I really appreciate the size of S.

  10. Greg Elems

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    Well after an afternoon of chasing springs, I finaly got the Kadee couplers mounted on my U25B. Now I can start measuring the hole for the filler plastic.


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