tyrannosaurus head.

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    just something else i did while working on the bambiraptor.
    i've recently gained an interest in tyrannosaurus head, (who wouldn't, this creature had a pretty badass skull)
    instead of designing my own head, i did a quick google search and found this

    so i decided to create one, but being curious, i decided to represent the model as a fully fleshed out head instead of it being a skull. i took out some markers and color pencils and proceeded to color the head to be a fleshed out representation of tyrannosaurus.( although, i hate to say this, but the skull isn't comepletly accurate as i've went ahead and compared it to multiple tyrannosaur indaviduals and none turned out to fit.ex: the orbitals and antorbital fenestae are wayyy to big)
    so heres my build. i decided to take it a step further and make one side completely covered in tubercles while the other has a covering of proto- feathers. the left hand side still needs teeth.

    heres the side covered in tubercles
    and heres the side with a nice, feathery covering
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    I really think you need to talkto a publisher. With you knowledge, and with your beautiful drawing and models, you have a bright career beggin for you. I think people of all ages would love to read a book by you, and to have the opportunity to cut out and make models, well, that is a best seller. I can imagine schools all over the world ordering your book, and then, books. Don't let it go. You have offered so much already. I, personally, and know many other members are, amazed, and in awe of you art, and work, in general. Take advantage of this gift. The world needs these kinds of things, and less shot'em up and bomb'em things. Everytime I read one of your posts, I come away more enlightened. :)
  3. Revell-Fan

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    I agree! :)
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  4. freddyman

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    wow zathros. thanks a lot for the post. i really don't consider my creations any more impressive then anybody artwork on this site. in all honesty, just about everyone on this site deserves to make a book

    on a serious note however, i have been trying to contact museums to at least exploit my models to them. i had the idea of them possibly agreeing to sell some of my models in gift shops. unfortunately the place i live in offers very little opportunity and so getting connections is rather hard for me. that and given my inexperience in doing such transactions.
  5. zathros

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    Your going to have to make a portfolio with some suggestions, concepts, etc, and sell yourself. You may have to Google book distributors, but send nothing without getting a signature of non disclosure first.

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