Typhoon Class Submarine

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  2. Fly made a 1/200 kit. Shouldn't be that hard to find.

    If you're looking for something a little more 'substantial' there's a 1/100 r/c kit of a Typhoon available, for around $1500. Nearly six feet long. :)
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    This is the kit you want to look for:


    Typhoon class sub by Adore Model 1:200 scale. I searched half a dozen online shops and nobody has one in stock. Check around and keep an eye on eBay :)

    I should have bought one when they were plentiful :cry:

    Best of luck!
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    From what I remeber from the Novel Kasny Ocktyober was a little longer and of course a bit wider to contain the caterpillar drive. but I think the Adore kit captured a big part of the "essence'. Try papermodelstore also!
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    Hey thanks guys :grin: I found the one I was looking for at card model link on the front page for $20.00. Great having those links there. I am gonna build the Kursk too. I've never built submarines before so these will be my first and both kits look awesome. Thanks again and ye vast ye land lubbers!!!!

    Also is it me or does it look like the formers are made of Balsa wood?
  7. The Kursk was a different class of submarine....it was designed for launching cruise missiles as opposed to SLBM's (submarine launched ballistic missiles). Kursk was a big boat but much smaller than the Typhoon class.

    Typhoons were basically designed to lurk under the polar ice cap and when the word came, to break through the ice and launch their 20 slbm's, each of which contained 10 warheads and could target 10 different populated areas (ie cities)....a total of 200 different cities could have been destroyed by each Typhoon submarine. Quite dramatic, no?

    The caterpillar drive was basically a fantasy...although theoretically possible it has not been built, let alone used on any submarine in the world. In spite of that, the twin hulled Typhoon is the largest submarine ever built at about 575 feet long. The mock up used in the movie Red October was actually way too small and had elements of soviet Alfa submarines in its structure.
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    Fast Eddie:
    I want to take on the Kursk too.....
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    can anyone refer me to a webpage with submarine ortho drawings? i've been thinking of doing subs too, but found only a few odd side-view drawings of some subs.
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    Hi everyone !
    here you will find a few sub plans including the Typhoon :
    Submarine Plans

    hope this will help you .

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