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    Matters on the size of the project. If its small and lots of detail i have used 44lb. Larger the project and the span of supports i have use over 100lb or foamboard.
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    these are some good ideas to use for a new crafter. I've been doing lead and plastic bashing so i have the clamps and clamp expys. the rest will help thanks again
  3. Vince

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    I like to use paper clamps, they are in office supply stores. kinda like metal clothespins, used to hold office paper stacks larger than paper clips will hold. My office tosses out lots of them in different sizes so that's where I got mine.
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    Holy crap I didn't even know how much I needed half this stuff until I found this link! Great post man. This is going to help a ton.

    As for the original post, I'm getting by with a few hemostats and my fingers. For the glue I'm using a 3M brand quick dry paper glue. I hold the pieces together for about 30-45 secs and I have no problems with it. The only thing that I don't like about the glue is that the nozzle is starting to get clogged the more the bottle gets depleted. I've had to shave down a toothpick to plug the nozzle to keep it flowing.

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