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    I actually did score the tracks at each link to aid in forming when I install it on the tank. I left enough links to be a little sloppy on the top and plan on tacking them on the idler wheels after I get the look I want. Here's hoping.

    I got all the tread bars glued on tonight during my build session with my IPMS Tristate buddies. I still need to do the guide plates.:eek:

    It's kind of funny, I'm more of a model car guy, but I'm building a tank. Two of the other guys are armor guys and one's building a plane while the other's building a car.

  2. modelperry

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    I've finished up the tracks. They still sag a little too much and could have been shortened a little more, but I'm OK with the look I got.


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  3. modelperry

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    Here are some photos of the mufflers, tools rear tiedowns and lights. The tool handles are toothpicks. The pick axe head was filled and formed with wood glue, then it and the shovel were painted.


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  4. modelperry

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    Here are two photos of the turret and different stages. I am currently having camera issues, so progress may not look as smooth as in earlier posts. Sorry about that.

    The turret frame built up fine. Part 84 is laminated and bent. I just cut part way through the bend line to facilitate the bend.

    The turret skins went on very nicely, with no issues. The turret hatch was a little fiddly and the colors did not seem to line up perfectly like the rest of the model, built I think it still looks good.



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  5. redhorse

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    Hadn't been to Zealot for a while - this looks really good. The tracks look nice too - I'm currently in the middle of cutting out a couple hundred and about to go insane. I may use band tracks on the next one after seeing this.
  6. shoki2000

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    Everytime I see photos of this model I have an urge to build it :thumb:
    Is this a kit a total novice to tracked vehicles can build with reasonable results? I have no problems with planes, but so many wheels scare me :oops:
  7. josve

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    The best model might be the Chi-ha from ModelHobby together with the lasetracks and frames from DrafModel!
    The model is a 100% kit.And with no interior it's quite easy to build,even as a starter kit.Instructions are very good.Don't worry too much on the wheels.....they comes together in the end :)
    Here is a shot of the one I built some time ago.
  8. modelperry

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    I have the chi-ha as well but I started with this chi-he one because I've only tackled one other tank and decided I would rather cut my teeth on a band track kit. I have not had any real major problems with this chi-he model and would recommend it for a tank building beginner like myself.

    The other thing with this kit is that it has a lot of optional detail parts (which I did use) that can be left off without a major loss of detail. The only wire parts that are required are in the suspension and the antenna.

  9. shoki2000

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    Thanks. One of those days I have to try it...

    I have the Shinhoto Chi-Ha with all the extras plus all your photos on my hard drive as a reference.
    I think that if I ever start a tank, Chi-He will be first as it seems more forgiving to a beginner.
  10. charliec

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    The Chi He is coming together very nicely - will bump that one up my build list.

    The Gremir Grant is another possibility for a first tank build - it goes together fairly easily. WAK suggests their TK-3 as a first build.


  11. shoki2000

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    The only reason I'm even looking at a tank it's because it's Japanese :mrgreen:
  12. modelperry

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    Details, details, details.

    Now that my camera is back up and running here are some photos of the details.

    I'll show some overall pictures in my next post of the finished tank.



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  13. whatsyamac

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    i love to see modelers build that go the extra mile to make their models more extra great...

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