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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by MCF, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. MCF

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    I set up my Black Diamond Freight with TMCC last night and have to admit it is pretty cool. Everything is working fine. The setup I have is a Black Diamond Frieght, TMCC Lock-on, Command Base, Cab-1 and the transformer that came with the train set. The two questions are as follows:

    1. Is there any way to put the engine 'to sleep' after shutdown? After sitting still and idling, I put it in shutdown sequence and the engine goes through it's process and sounds to shutdown - no engine idle and main lights go off. But the aux lights stay on and there is a 'buzz' coming from the engine. Is there anyway to completely 'kill' the engine with the TMCC and then re-activate when I want to use it or do I have to actually unplug the electrical source? I assume the 'buzz' is normal because of the speaker in the engine and the voltage still going thru the track.

    2. Is there any way to adjust the range of actual engine speeds for each RPM sound level? At rest, the sound is idle, and as soon as any power is applied, the RPM sounds go to the next level and then thru to the top RPM level well before getting close to top speed. Is there anyway to make a particular RPM sound remain for an extended speed range? I know you can adjust the RPM level manually using the TMCC, but prefer it to be done automatically.

  2. MCF

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    Cmon guys....

    No help with the above?? Also, should you leave the 9 volt battery in the engine when running it through TMCC?
  3. spankybird

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    Sorry to say, I don't run TMCC and have a limited knowledge of it. I do use DCS and know much more about it.

    E-mail Chief. He uses both TMCC and DCS. He might know.
  4. MCF

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    Found out some more...

    The buzzing is present all the time and it is coming out of the speakers...when the volume is up, you can't hear it but when your turn the volume down using the CAB-1 it is there and it is pretty loud....loud enough to where you wouldn't want it sitting in the same room with you. The only way to get the buzzing to go away is to turn down the manual volume knob on the engine, which is not an acceptable solution because you lose all your sound. This problem didn't exist with conventional control...only since I hooked up TMCC.....any thoughts!??!!
  5. Dave Farquhar

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    I would try to help, but everything I own is conventional. I don't know much about TMCC either.
  6. Roger B.

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    MCF - that doesn't sound normal. I don't have that engine but those that I do have sit quite after going through the shutdown sequence. The only one that would make noise is my K-line E-8's and that's the roof fans turning.

    If you bought it locally, try asking the dealer, or go to the Lionel website and see if there's been any discussion on the matter under FAQ's.
  7. Geno

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    I'd have to see the engine running in person to be 100% sure, but it sounds like the speakers in your SD-80 are wired out of phase. This is not uncommon with even new TMCC production, and was very common with the scale SD-80/90's. When you control the sound volume w/ the TMCC, even if you turn the sound off you will hear a small buzzing, but that's normal. If the buzzing is too loud, I'd check the speakers first. Pull the fuel tank on your SD-80 and inspect the wiring- make sure those speakers are wired in phase.

    Railsounds in TMCC mode tries to replicate a prototypical diesel, which revs up in steps or notches as the engineer applies more throttle. Diesels will often go to notch 8 moments before they actually begin to accelerate- so the action follows prototype. TMCC programming will not let you set the rpm level low and accelerate without ramping up the rpms too. You can however rev up your engine at idle or low speeds.

  8. Chief Eagles

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    Wires should be crossed like this:

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