Two Soviet Tanks Available here:

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Fishcarver, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Charlie, one man's masochism is another man's challenge. Don't be too quick to dismiss the Young Technician my pictures of the Arktika nuclear icebreaker attest, they can make up into reasonably respectable models given enough TCL. Granted that Icegroup's model is steak compared with Young Technician's beans, but in the words of one of my favorite Limeliter's songs, "some days beans taste just fine."
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    Not at all - I've been impressed by many of the YT models in the past. Your work with Arktika also showed how to use these models as the base for something quite spectacular.

    My criticism is local and directed at just these models - they are really quite bad - the fit of parts isn't good and they aren't accurate. I started the T-38 and gave up - even the 1989 Maly Modelarz model of the T-38 (eBay pickup) is more accurate and fits together better. The T-70 model makes the Quest (Wig) T-70 look good (see my review on that one).

    I think the effort required to turn this pair into something reasonable would be more than the effort to design your own versions from scratch.


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    Hmmmmmm. That sounds like a challenge. I haven't tried seeing what can be done with a YT armor subject yet. Maybe after the contests are over...... I do agree that it would probably be easier to just start from scratch, but I've never been one to walk the path most taken.

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