Two "High-water" Victorians from a "Painted Lady" (image heavy)

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  1. jetrock

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    Here are some photos of my latest kitbash, based on the IHC "Painted Lady" Victorian house kit.

    I liked this kit because it has some nice Victorian lines with good detail but construction is fairly straightforward. The main problem is that its prototype in San Francisco is kind of the wrong size/proportion for houses in Sacramento: they tend to be two-story rather than three, and generally not quite so deep. But many architectural features were similar, and I have seen many prototypes in Sacramento that are reminiscent of the Painted Lady style.

    At first I resigned myself to simply cutting up the kit to make a smaller house, but then realized that the "left-over" parts were sufficient to create a similar model, only without a front entry and with no right-hand wall. This inspired me to create a model of something seen in many places in downtown Sacramento: an old Victorian home with a small business downstairs. Typically the house will have a storefront added to the original Victorian, extending to the property line, made of brick or wood, but the second-story windows are still visible from the front. The model sits up against the backdrop (which will be disguised by some trees.)

    I raided my parts box for this project--a store window casting here, a few extra door castings there, a sheet of Plastruct shingle roof, a couple of swamp-cooler castings, and some assorted styrene bits came together in the right combinations. Both houses were painted with hardware-store spray paint--sky blue and dusty rose--and aged a bit with an ink/alcohol wash to make them look a bit dilapidated.

    Here is a shot of both houses, from the front:
    Here's a closeup of the storefront, with assorted product signs and tilework (another common feature of this sort of business.)
    Here's a three-quarter view, exposing the "Coke" shield, which is one of my strongest memories of this sort of neighborhood market in downtown Sacramento (nearly every one had at least one.)
    Here's a back view, showing the alley and rear of both houses. Across the alley is a Faller Victorian, which was built straight from the kit with no significant modification.

    There is still a little work that needs to be done: the tilework on the front of the store isn't quite right, which I may just disguise with a store sign.

    Oh yeah, if this isn't image-heavy enough, here's a kitbash-in-progress of a Walthers freight house, intended to represent Blue Diamond Almonds' plant:

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    Hmmm, only red "X"s coming through over here.
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  4. jetrock

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    Weird...the files are still there, and when I right-click the red "x" box it shows me the right link which works if I paste it into a new box...not sure why it isn't working now!
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    Jetrock, Nice job, impressive.
  6. CN1

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    I'll try something if you don't mind..


    It's working fine now!

    Nice work BTW :thumb: :thumb:
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    I believe the red x has to do with the server that does not allow you to "deep link" a picture.
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    Strange, I don't even get the red X (or the torn picture)

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    Jetrock, just went to your site - the closeups of the house and store show red x's too (when you click on them).

  11. Greg Elems

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    You have done an excellent job there. You captured the look of the older section of town in Sacramento. I remember seeing those buildings when I ran through Sac headed for Oroville. One thing I also remember was the Sycamore trees there. They were huge, towering above everything. Fond memories of the summer evenings, looking down the tree lined streets.

  12. jetrock

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    That's going to be the fun part--the layout, once it is done, will be absolutely festooned with trees wherever I can put 'em. For backdrops I am using photos I have taken around Sacramento, with anything that would look out of place after 1950 Photoshopped out--although it is kind of nice how much is actually still around, even though it seems like there is less every year...
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    Jet rock I just went to the link and was able to see them fine. Excellent work and the way you have them positioned really shows them of well.
    One thing did pop out at me though was the concrete stairs in one shot were not on the base flat I don't know if they in their final resting place yet but if they are,nothing gives away a model more then things floating in the air. A little filler or putty will take care of this. Hope you take this as a friendly hint not a rivet counter, Pat.
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    What did you use for the 2 story house on the "other side of the block" pic 15?
  15. jetrock

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    belg: I noticed that too--they're just sitting on the base flat for now and have not been glued down or anything--I'm going to use a bit of brick sheeting to create a brick path from the sidewalk to the door that should fill that gap, as well as adding ground cover and some landscaping.

    CalFlash: A Faller Victorian that I picked up at a train show for $1. I wasn't able to find it in the Walthers catalog so it may be out of production but it's a pretty nice little kit.
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    Jetrock I just checked out your site again. The following pictures are red x's when I'm in large view: 8, 11, 12, 13,14. Don't know if anyone else is having the same trouble as I am, but I thought you'd like to know.


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