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  1. As those who also read N-Scale forum already know, I'm planning an N-scale layout with a 'Science fiction' theme.

    the first layout, based heavily on Atlas' N-10, is a loop with a passing siding, and an interior Over-under Figure 8. No major industry stuff or sidings, because its to be an agricultural world repeatedly fought over, so it will use 'geo-hex' modular terrain to have a different layout to fight over each week. Its included below:

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  2. This is the more complex 'Hesperus II' map plan.

    It will involve 4 'areas':

    1) The massive Defiance Industries facility, bored into the side of a mountain (like NORAD HQ is in the real world), represented by a large, HO scale tunnel.

    2) an ore facility, delivering mine cars to the factory, it includes a series of switchback turns

    3) a Space port, where offworld goods (such as fusion engines, and food supplies) are dropped off, and finished goods are lifted off world.

    4) the Small city of Maria's Elegy, where food cars can be dropped off.

    The area is 4 feet by 5 feet, and fairly open to allow wargaming on the same table. I Initally plan to wire for just single train running, and for the most part it will run clockwise.
    The main loop uses 11" Diameter turns for the most part, though I used a 19" diameter curve in the lower left for a nice, long sweeping turn. The switchback is 9-3/4" turns, though the switchback is eased into with the 19" radius of the standard turnouts. Each change of direction in the switchback has a 5" straight in the middle of it. The switchback also allows a train to run in the center of the board while gaming is going on.

    Post opinions!

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  3. 'Hesperus" Layout revised

    After some snipping
    I reduced the 5x5 layout to 4x4.5

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  4. TrainClown

    TrainClown Member

    Looks cool!

    Personaly I like the second one. I know it is a little larger but I like that. Especially for you purpose of playing war games, I think the more real estate the better.

    Interesting Idea, playing a war game on a train layout. Makes me wonder how you play the game. Is there a web site I could check out to tell me more about how you do that? It's my understanding that you use miniature figures to play, could you post some photos of your characters? Is your idea to use the train to move troops around the board?

    TrainClown :D
  5. rcwatkins

    rcwatkins Member

    looks good. Hey wait a sec, that N-10 was what I was gonna do, only mine was gonna follow the book. looks good anyway. ;)
  6. Re: 'Hesperus" Layout revised

    Well, I play a lot of 'Battletech', the latest incarnation of which uses N-scale figures (a typical mech is 35 to 45 feet tall) :) the idea is that the factory is being attacked. Defiance Industries is close enough to the frontlines that it is attacked regularly. In the fictional universe, the factory has been assaulted some 24 times, 5 of them in the last 10 game years. Because of the regularity of attacks, the factory keeps rolling out stuff even in the midst of battle. (the train keeps running while we move figures around.

    This is some battletech figures here. (the hexes are for ease of play, the game can also be played with a ruler. This is also the sort of 'modular' terrain I could use with either layout

  7. McFortner

    McFortner Member

    You know, I had been wondering if my old Battletech minatures were in scale with N. I had been kicking around the idea of a few mechs in a corner spot as a little joke. Now I have a new idea to kick around. Time to pull out those minatures! :)


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