two brushless motor set up in e maxx

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by ty923, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. ty923

    ty923 Member

    what up need some more help can i hook up two ss 5800 brushless motors up to the one esc will it burn up the esc or will it hold up to it .
  2. chewey185

    chewey185 Member

    iv seen people hook up 2 mambas with a y harness but im not shure 2 much about it i guess it all depends on the esc and which moter your running i guess what im trying to say is if your moter only pulls 25 amps and your esc can handel 50+ amps then ya i dont see y not but i dont know you specific system so i would write an email to the maker and git some hard data before trying anything
  3. mavrick0

    mavrick0 Member

    No you can not hook up two motors on to one ESC with the Novak B/L system. Reason for this is they are sensored so the ESC and motor "talk" to each other and know where the rotor is in relation to which coil and how to fire the coil to start moving the rotor. If you have two motors trying to "talk" to one ESC it's not going to know where the rotors are and which coil to fire to get them moving. You are better off going with the Novak HV-Maxx B/L system that is specifically designed for an E-maxx.
  4. ty923

    ty923 Member

    well i have all the brushless systems i need i already have the hv and thats in my e maxx right know. but i just was thinking i have these other two ss5800 b/L motor with the 1 esc i was just thinking what a beast it would bw with two motor but i gusse not.thanks for helping me out.
  5. mavrick0

    mavrick0 Member

    Actually it wouldn't be a beast. I know a couple of people that used two 5800 systems in an E-maxx before the HV-maxx came out and didn't even compare to stock. The 5800's just don't offer the torque you need for such a heavy truck as the E-maxx. They are great for ST's, Stampedes and other cars but anything really bigger then a stampede you are going to find a lack of torque.
  6. ty923

    ty923 Member

    thanks for the info.
  7. ty923

    ty923 Member

    can i put two 4400 hv systems in a e maxx?
  8. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    hmm maybe use a Y harness and then run it that way to channel 2 on the reciver? I was thinking of getting the mini lst and putting my 2 mamb's in it .

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