TWE's HUMONGUS Challenge

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by thewoodengraver, Sep 22, 2006.

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  2. thewoodengraver

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    cbg, sorry I called you chris, I just got done emailing my friend Chris, his name must have stuck in my brain. Thanx LARGE for them links...that helicopter is Awesome.

    Dnlgtr, the idea is for you to build it, but if it is a cardmodel it counts and I'd love to see it!

    NYC Irish, YES!

    Michi, that the floating crane from Micromodels? Nice my friend.

    jleslie48, Awesome Saturn 5!

    Webdude, WOAH! Yup...they would have won...mmmBIG!
  3. Amazyah

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    Now that was awesome, Webdude!

    Gargantuan Gundham!

  4. goney3

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    So where do I get carbon paper? Hardware store? :-?
  5. SteveM

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    Here is the Silent Running drone "Duey" at 200% along with all three drones at 50% along with a Coke can for scale. This drone was designed by Shunichi "Shun Pop" Makino. (no longer available)

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  6. thewoodengraver

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    Goney3, Staples (office supply) sells carbon paper still, but you gotta ask a Dinosaur... SteveM, Thanx for those Drones!!! one of my favorite movies!!! Trees in space...
  7. rickstef

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    The cardmodel-brickboy which I have just printed on my Plotter here in the office(boss ain't around) was blown up to fit an E+ size sheet, 36x48 inches
    426.48% of the original.

    So this guy will be BIG.

  8. thewoodengraver

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    Sounds good rickstef! ...I'm trying to get my hako wood-e upscaled to 1/2 scale...that would make him 3'-2" tall. Might even do him full scale...
  9. NYC Irish

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    SteveM...Did you edit out the coke writing?

    John John
  10. cgutzmer

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    Thats not coke..... its uhhhhhhh something else ;) right, yah! thats it! something else.... heh heh
  11. SteveM

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    yes, not sure why anymore :? Seemed like a good idea at the time or just for fun :)
  12. cgutzmer

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    I thought it was funny :) reminds me of someof the mtv spots where they blur out logos but its still painfully obvious :D
  13. sdk2knbk

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  14. Stev0

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    Whoa! I'm confused.... There are Sat Dishes on that model AND WW2 era float planes????

  15. Kevin G

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    That is an awesome model!
    I didn't spot any sat dishes Stev0, saw some radar antennas though!
    And the planes are accurate.
  16. SteveM

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    May I interrupt a moment and offer a possible subject for macro-scaling for Halloween?:)

    Available at

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  17. This is a definite 'gotta build'. Thanks Steve.

    Cheers --- Larry
  18. bugman72

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    If the project doesn't have to be recent, then here's my entry! Shun Pop's AT-AT redrawn and enlarged to just over 2' high and almost 3' long. Still have to get the weathering completed and finish the scale Snowspeeder.
  19. jleslie48

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    I'm putting this one up on the humongus list but its not really that big:


    the rest of the build and images:

    I think it qualifies as it's a 200% enlargement of the intended size.

    It is a ship from the role-playing game Pirates of the Revolution. They have these neat card models as part of the game, I think with a little work they make great 1-2 day paper models. I scan the card, and then blow it up, adding a
    custom bow, stern, rigging, whatever bling.
  20. jleslie48

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