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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Amazyah, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    I did a lot of price comparisons a long while ago and ended up buying from Jemco as they had the best prices. The site is a little difficult to surf. Go here to the tweezer page to look at prices:

    (They have a $20.00 minimum for online orders)

  2. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    okay, I gotta put my two bits in for my tool of choice:

    Hemostats. (Surgical Clamps)

    They come in straight or curved varieties and in more sizes than you can shake a stick at. Everything from OMG that's huge! to itty bitty cutesy things.

    I love 'em!
  3. Nekayah

    Nekayah Member

    Google Tweezer Bee for my favorite self-closing tweezers: literally needle-point tips at the end of a 5/8" heron neck (descriptive, non-technical term) which is perfect for bending tabs. They seem to have a thin non-stick coating, so the tips don't get gummed up (not that I've ver had that problem). The points are the best I've found for picking up and handling tiny bits of thin paper, and the tweezers are great for holding a tab in place while the glue starts to take hold. I got mine at Michaels, but I've seen them in other craft stores.
  4. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    You know, I was at a gun show (I can't remember why) and one of the guys there had boxes and boxes of tiny little scissors and tweezers of all sorts. Here I am with my hardcore Republican gun loving friends, and I'm buying tweezers, infant-sized scissors, and a 6 inch steel ruler. :)
    Sadly, I didn't buy more. I regret every day my frugal nature.
    And I agree with ekuth. I have a hemostat that I use all the time, and I need to look for more one of these days. I wrap the clamps in masking tape to avoid marking the cardstock, and TADA! You can squeeze as hard as you want and it won't mark at all
  5. blueeyedbear

    blueeyedbear Member

    That Widget web site is fantastic! I just ordered two non-roll "exacto" knife handles --- after years of use, mine broke last week and I was back to one of the standard round aluminum handles (the very one that rolled off the table, stabbing me in the leg and requiring 3 stitches in the ER)! Check out those neat non-rollers on their site.

    And speaking of hemostats (as several of you have), my wife and I found some a while back at a flea market tool vendor's site that are 16" long! Silly for model builders? Not to pick up the exacto knife that rolled all the way back to the wall behind your work desk or that you can't quite reach beside your chair! Or for the nut you dropped under your car! We have instructions to buy a pair for four different people who have seen ours, if we run across them again.

    By the way, flea markets (specially the indoor ones) are great places to look for all kinds of small tools -- tweezers, scalpels, dental picks, etc. Besides that, they're fun.

  6. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    I have to second Bob's opinion of Widget Supply! I ordered their 6 pack of Tweezers and a box of 100 Excel blades on a thursday. Had them in my hands on the next Tuesday.

    And now that spring has finally made an appearance in Minnesota, I'll get to go digging through flea markets too. I'm always amazed at the wierd stuff you can find at them things...
  7. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Anyone in Australia wanting tweezers might want to check out this site, they have some nice stuff at decent prices.

    Tweezers & Forepts

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