Tupolev Tu-154

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    I was wondering if anyone new of a card model of Tupolev Tu-154 Russian airliner. I have found the IL-86 and the IL-96-300, but this is the one I am looking to build at this point. I am curious if anyone might know of one, either from a card model store or for download. Thanks!
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    As far as i know, there is only ancient Tu-154 kit in 1:100 by former DDR publisher Kranich. Some time ago i bought one (digitaly enhanced reprint) from lighthousemodelart.com during their closing sale. If you are willing to pay 30$ for original one, you might try papermodelstore.com, but you should consider the age of both the paper and the development.
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    Tu-154 one more time...

    An this is how this old model looks (after repainting)...:cool:
    I found on the net


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    I wonder why an airliner like Tu154 never had much models published... Oh wait there aren't many for DC-9 either...

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