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    Hello all.

    Yesterday, I've done some progress on my Camp-8-Layout. I started to build a fiddleyard for the west end of the layout, that will represent Tuolumne. A secound, but smaller and easier fiddle will be follow on the east end of the layout as Deadwood.
    My biggest problem was, to get trains of 4.5' length stored on only 2.5' space... My solution is a U-shaped fiddleyard on 2.5' by 2' modul.

    The fiddleyard features 3 tracks for train storage, with the outer track can hold a single-string of 11 logcars + caboose + tankcar + Shay. The track in the middle can hold the same train without the tankcar, while the inner one is for run arounds or to park other fright cars.
    This 3 tracks will end on a small turntable with additional engine-tracks.

    This overview shows the first two tracks finished. The inner one is still missing. Please note, that the lower and right edges of this modul will later be placed against basement-walls.

    An overview from the other side.

    The turntable on the end of the siding with engine tracks.

    With this fiddlearea done, I can start the first official operationday on my layout. I hope this will give my the right inspiration, to get the landscaping done and the layout finished.

  2. berraf

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    Gerd, a interesting solution to a common problem. Thank's for sharing :)
  3. MadHatter

    MadHatter Charging at full tilt.

    Wow, I find it interesting that the trains ride without problems around those curves! That is an excelent space saver.
  4. Waldbahner

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    Thanks for your comments.

    Yesterday, I've finished the fiddle and at 10pm, I' ve started the first operation session on my layout.

    Here is a final overview of the fiddleyard, with all my WS-stuff.

    There's also a clip at youtube from this "event". At the end, you can watch #14 pulling a string of empties into the yard. The radius on the inner track is 8.25".


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