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  1. Bigguy

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    I am at the point in my HO layout where I am starting to think about building some landscape. I would like to have a hill or mountain on the back section of a 5' x 8' table with two tracks running thru tunnels. I debated over using foam or chicken wire/plaster for the hill/mountain and decided on foam for most of it. I have Woodland Scenics tunnel portals. I think it would be best to create the insides of the tunnels using the chicken wire/plaster method. But I don't know how to attach the chicken wire to the plaster tunnel portal. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
  2. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    Try using foil for the inside of your tunnels. Fold several sheets together flat and then scunch them up a little to create a rough texture, but still have a basically flat piece overall. Roll it into a tunnel shape and spray paint the inside flat black. Then simply glue it to the layout and tunnel portal by bending and glueing tabs along the bottom and at the portal end.
  3. who_dat73

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    I used some Blue foam I had laying around stacked a few pieces together marked my tunnel opening cut then glued it to the back of the inside of the portal just made it deep enuf in that you cant get that hollow hill feeling but i can still get my fat hand in to grab any derails
  4. doctorwayne

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    My scenery is plaster over screen, so the inside of the "mountain" is hollow.


    The track is on cork roadbed on a 3/4" plywood subroadbed, with a low guardrail of 1/8" hardboard screwed to either side of the plywood. For a tunnel liner, I simply stapled a sheet of black construction paper, curved into an arc, to the sides of the guardrail, one sheet at each portal. The remainder of the hidden track is readily accessible from below, in the unlikely event of a derailment. ;):-D

  5. Bigguy

    Bigguy New Member

    Thank you all for the input. I've already started on the chicken wire/plaster method for the tunnels. They don't look good at all. I think I'll try the black construction paper.

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