Tunnel portals?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Tone, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Tone

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    Our cofee table layout has progressed to a stage where we need to start making scenery.
    I figured a wise place to start would be the tunnel portals...
    Are there any NMRA or otherwise regulations that should be followed?
    "Just make'em big enough" ?
    Could someone measure a commecial tunnel portal for steam/diesel loks so I would have something to go on, please?
    Threre will be 3 single track portals and 2 double track portals...
    I think we may have gone overboard with the tunnels....
    This is our first attempt at model railroading so any advice is welcome. :rolleyes:

    btw. "we" means me and my wife...

    I attach a pic from the mock up of most of the scenery elements, what is missing is the Wineyard/mountain on the right that will enclose the tracks.

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  2. Mountain Man

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    Go to NMRA's site and check out the Standards and Recommendations section. tunnel portals are based on the Standard Loading Gauge, and IIRC, there is a diagram you can access that shows how the measurements are derived.

    Prototypically, tunnels are dug no larger than they have to be to keep costs down.
  3. Tone

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    I'll have to dig deeper on the NMRA site then.
    I know the layout isn't much in the area of "prototype" but the main idea behind it was to create a "living furniture" for the den. It's going to enclosed in glass (with access doors on at least 2 sides) to protect it from the pets and occasional spills that will happen on a table...

    Thanks again.

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