Tunnel Motor shots!

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    The pics I am about to post don't do the model justice....
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. hemiadda2d

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  3. hemiadda2d

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    Shown for length comparison: Kato SD40-2, much shorter than T-2! But it seems the Kato mech weighs more.. Curious...
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    body = Tyco HO (perhaps a slap to Tyco, apologies)
    paint = Bachmann (while painter has hangover)
    assembly = Chimpanzees could have done better
    Accuracy = Don't get me started...
    Marketing = DECEPTIVE
    Quality control = INCOMPETENT
    Research = Was there any? (IM should ask for a refund)

    The Air conditioner seems to be a fine part and IM may salvage a buck or two by selling it as a seperate part.

    The rest of the project shell should be scrapped and the IM employees that approved these models (remeber that post descibing all IM employees "testing" and "checking" these "beauties" just before Christmas) should be terminated immediately and a open letter posted by the remaining staff to buy back or replace every single one of these locos. I am purchasing the ONE that was ordered and I would feel badly for the merchant to have this product as a result of poor workmanship by InterMountain. I will honour this commitment but must reconsider further purchases of any product from InterMountain. Certainly there is no chance of my pre-reseving anything from InterMonuntain until this debacle is resolved.

    I was raked over the coals by InterMountains web evangelist for pointing out issues. It appeared that it was a capital crime to point out errors like the standard nose SP8492 was listed to be run as a 'snoot'. Oh, how I wanted to be wrong...

    And we chuckled at those who bid on the "High Speed" SP locomotives for $10.00US! We are paying $80.00US for a shell that is not much better here. Are we fools?

    :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse:
    Moderators note. This post has been edited to remove an unacceptable description of the loco that may be offensive to some.
  5. hemiadda2d

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    This is an email I sent to IM, and included the pics I posted above:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    As a regular customer for your great N freight car products, I eagerly
    stepped up for a Tunnel Motor unit, even though the road I model, BN, never
    owned any such units. I had watched various forums, and heard of the great
    lengths you folks make gone to in order to give modelers a great Tunnel
    Motor engine. I had also heard that every detail was going to be as correct
    as possible for each individual road. While I am not much of a rivet
    counter, (concerning the MSRP) I was expecting a superb-quality unit,
    rivaling that of Kato and later Atlas units. I had expected a
    smooth-running unit, sharp, clean paint lines, crisp lettering, and
    cleanly-applied paint. What a shocker I had received when I got the unit in
    the mail!
    I took many shots of the unit, detail closeups, and such with my digital
    camera. Many folks on the online boards in which I participate have been
    anxiously awaiting these units, and the images I had captured. The camera
    makes every flaw show up in full-scale. Since it wouldn't be fair to either
    of us if I didn't include the images I had captured, they are also attached
    to this email.
    The paint on the cab side, thickly applied, with areas of thick buildup,
    almost to the point of a run shocked me. With your reputation of fine
    models, this quite frankly amazed me. The paint separation lines were a bit
    fuzzy, but the lettering appeared crisp. It was curious to me that the
    'bloody nose' of my Cotton Belt snoot was a bit fuzzy, and the lettering on
    top of the red was crisply applied. The handrails were well-executed, and
    very finely scaled, but warped. Nothing a bit of warm heat and gentle
    tweaking can't fix--something that can happen to any maker's products. No
    big deal. The horns were, of all things, cast off-center! The bell looks
    nice although a bit out of scale. In N that's hard to get around, while
    maintaining the ability to be handled. No biggie there. The photo-etched
    windshield wipers were a great touch, but were installed with a bit too much
    glue. Same went for the cab side installation of the handrails. The glue
    globs were touched-up with paint, but readily show in the images. The
    headlights (unexplainably) on both ends of the loco were a bit mangled,
    before installation of the clear castings for lenses. The cab side, where
    the cab casting will likely mate to the battery boxes has a mottled look,
    and possibly glued with way too much adhesive. The rediator intake grills
    close to the walkways were applied with a bit too much glue, once again.
    The way you comouflaged the lack of a see-though long hood end was ingenius,
    and well executed, with the exception of the glue. The radiator and DB fans
    were well-done,a nd the see-through grills were a great touch. The MU hoses
    being molded into the pilots was a nice touch, but a bit too out of scale,
    and flattened. The engine looks great out of the box at arm's length, but
    closer inspection reveals that there are some issues with quality control at
    your assembly plants. While I would not hesitate to continue buying your
    rolling stock products, I would give more consideration for another engine,
    especially if QC doesn't improve. At the expensive MSRP or even a deep
    discounted price, I could easily have purchased a DCC-equipped engine. I
    don't know what decoder is appropriate for equipping this engine for DCC,
    but it seems the mechanism is DCC-friendly.
    I enjoy your N products, but for me to buy another engine from you, issues
    above need to be addressed.
    A concerned and disappointed modeler,
    Jeremiah Siembida

    Perhaps I was too lenient, or too critical. Either way, my opinion is out.
  6. TiVoPrince

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    Why oh why...

    In the nearby "Favourite SD" post the Zscale tunnel motor (admittedly brass) is FAR superior to the IM model.

    Please stop, in the name of humanity....
  7. SD90

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    I'm sure glad I didn't reserve any! Even though CP didn't have any, I have seen some UP tunnel motors up here, but I'll do with out for now, thanks for the pictures!

  8. wolfworks

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    As for DCC, it looks like a DN163A0 will work, but you may need to extend the LEDs.

    As to your email, you are a better person than I. I have held off in sending IM a email as it would be not but R%#@!%%^%&^&^ censored text.

    I feel as you maybe even deeper. I do hope IM does something. This is a serious recall issue :wave:
  9. Blake

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    Are you kidding?

    This is an absolutely beautiful model. Stunning detail and great paint. Hold on...let me grab my glasses........WHOA!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just hurled! Are you sure this isn't a Hallmark Xmas tree trim?
  10. MCL_RDG

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    ... 2d, hows 'bout barfbags next time you post something like this. That's one bad looking unit.

    Thanks for the "heads up" on this unit but I can't get my head out of the bag.

  11. Scott Teague

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    My 4 year daughter could paint better than that. The shell is sick!!
    Glad I didn't get any and we waited all this time to see this.


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