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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by airbob, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. airbob

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    Dear all,
    I am researching the Tupelov 114 "Russia" airliner...the civilian version of the Tu-95 "Bear"...I am having a difficult time finding any plan views of this plane that are half way decent....I have a really old Maty kit from 1961, that needs a lot of work....I cannot even get a scale form this kit!!!:razz: :nope: HELP!:p
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  3. Bowdenja

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    I want one! Please!

    This would be really nice..........
  4. airbob

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    Tu-114 "Russia"

    Cgutzmer and Ashrunner,
    Thanks for the design views....Cgutzmer....the black and white view will be useful in designing... This plane delievered Nikita Kruschev to the US for his famous shoe-pounding episode at the U.N......The Tu-114 was so "leggy" that they had to construct a special heightened ramp for him to exit:-o I love the look of these enormous forward sweeping tandem turboprops on this bird....I believe it still holds the speed record for distance for a propeller plane!!!:shock:
  5. Bowdenja

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    And the record for the LOUDEST production prop plane.......... those tips exceded the speed of sound and created micro sonic booms.

  6. Gil

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    Hi Airbob,

    How much does the Tu-114 differ from the Tu-95? I would assume that they didn't change the airframe that much but added ammenities for civilian transportation. The reason for asking is that detailed drawings for the Bear are available but not for the 114. The next question is does a Tu-95 model exist?...,

  7. airbob

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    Tu-114 vs Tu-95

    Looking over the data and pictures that i have ac:razz: umulated for this project...the Tu-114 seems to have a much more streamlined nose with forward slanting main cockpit windows,...the nose on the 114 seems more rounded-sculptured versus the Tu-95 which has a more boxy squared off cockpit area....Trumpet makes a plastic model of the Yu-95 in 2 different versions...I purchased this MS version 2 years ago or so...and will use it for data.....I'm still trying to digest the material that I've gotten from all the online helpers....Thanks! Thanks ! Thanks!...maybe I'll complete this beast this year! OR NOT!!!:twisted: :razz: :shock:
  8. Maurice

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    Shared DNA

    With bolt on additions, the Tu 126 was modified from Tu 114 airframes




    With a new fuselage they used the wings, engines (derated), undercart and much of the tail from the original Tu 95




    and there was the later (new production) Tu 142


    all from

    (File sizes and formats with this lot can be difficult)
  9. Stev0

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    Awww Maurice... now why did you have to go and do that!?

    I have 4 front burner digital models to work on.

    I have 1 back burner digital model going to paper design.

    I have 1 front burner design to go to physical prototype.

    I have 1 front burner paper model on the table in progress.

    I have 3 paper models waiting in line to be built

    And now you have gone and provided immaculate plans and schematics to this incredible aircraft thats just so strange I gotta try designing it.

    also a website loaded with plans...


  10. airbob

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    Tu-114 vs Tu-95.....

    Thanks for sharing all those photos...mind boggeling!!!! really, such details!!!!!!!:-o Hell this will take till Christmas just to look at this stuff...Thank you! :grin: :rofl:
  11. Fishcarver

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    Bob: Are you going to do a "Bear" too?
  12. Cybermac

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    Hi! I remember that there was Tu-114 in Polish Maly Modelarz...
  13. airbob

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    I did not plan on doing a "Bear"....however if this project EVER gets finished....the creation of a "Bear" from this beast is not a far leap:cry: At this point I can only see the daunting task ahead!!!:razz: :razz: :razz:
  14. Bowdenja

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    Bob........... anybody who can design the Boeing 707 in paper, should be able to handle a little ole Russian airliner!:grin:

    Really this needs to be done, and would make a sweet addition to your airport diorama!:twisted:

  15. airbob

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    Maty Tu-114

    I have the version for 1961 if that is what you are describing....trust me...it needs a LOT of work:shock: ...my thoughts are that this kit would need a total redesign to achieve the end product that I would like! :yep:
  16. airbob

    airbob Member

    Ti-114 vs Tu-95

    On second look, no the Tu-114 and the Tu-95 have the same fuselage shape....really some of these plates that I got from the russian site are awsome!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thank you guys for the sites!!! I think this will be a huge challenge!!!
  17. cygielski

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    I just found this thread, and I think it's great that there's interest in what is one of the most impressive post-war airliners. However, as to the fuselage, the Tu-95 and the Tu-114 are different, with the 114 having a much wider body. I also read somewhere that the Tu-114 had a larger wingspan, although I haven't been able to confirm this.
    BTW, Bob, are you doing anything with this model?
  18. Maurice

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    I've only seen the span given as 51.1m for both aircraft. My impression is that the the structure of the wings was continuous through the centre line, passing right through whatever fuselage was attached. The larger diameter of the Tu 114/126 fuselage is readily apparent from the drawings.
    Interestingly enough one Tu 95 aircraft was modified and 2 were built new with just a 20 passenger compartment aft of the wing and provision for freight. They were used for initial route proving and later freight work and were designated Tu 114M.

  19. paper warrior

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    Cool! What scale were you thinkin?
  20. airbob

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    I have completed the fuselage and cockpit up to the main fuselage sections....but have not worked on it for about 4 months now....I really want to complete the long-legged turboprop that carried Nikita Khrushchev to the USA to pound his shoe saying "we will bury you!" Ah the cold war and the memories of the "evil empire"....they did really produce some prodidgeous planes...hope these fuselage diameters are OK for the Tu-104!

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