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  1. Ralph

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    Just had a friend call me on his cell phone while he sat at a crossing watching a long train of covered autoracks go by. He observed that all of the cars had lettering like TTGX on them and wanted to know what that meant. He called me as the only train buff he knows. I didn't know :oops: so I did a search and found references to Trailer Train. Most of these were references to models but I got the impression that Trailer Train was the manufacturer of the prototype car carriers. Am I right? Anything else I can pass on to my casually-interested-in-trains friend?
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  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Thank you Fred...I looked a little more and then found TTX Co. with its descriptions of various carriers.
    I KNEW some one here would have the answer right away! :)
  4. lemscate

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    TTX is jointly owned by most of the large North American railroads, and its cars are operated in a pool.
    TTGX means bilevel autoracks, if you're so curious. They have quite a few reporting marks, each assigned to a specific type of car.
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    A humorous story involving TTX. I buy my DCC stuff from Tony's Train Exchange, TTX for short. He had his web site,, for years and about a year ago TTX Corp made him change it, saying it might confuse their customers! Since then that address forwards you to his new one. Trailer Train's been around a long time, anyone know how long? First I remember of them were the 89' (?) flats, lots of them.
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    I hope TTX paid Tony for the change - squatter's rights rule in the internet domain world. ???
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    I recall seeing TTX pig cars back in the 60s on the PRR on the TT trains.
  8. Ralph

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    Thanks for the info guys!

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