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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gearz, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Bunnyear

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    I Burned the 5. Try on my Balcony, in Peace,...:grin: :roll:
  2. Gearz

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    errr.. sorry to hear it Bunnyear!

    ARMORMAN ~ I originally sent off a rough bitmap of the pilot (scaled against one of the wreck model parts ) to Bunnyear.. not sure if it was build-able ?

    Bunnyear ~ is it OK with you, if I hand out the pilot, for your wreck model?

    Just btb..Being the project junky that I am.. I MUST have something on the back burner, anyone have any preferences for any of these..

    ACM 115 Minnow

    Proximan: Tarantula (Styled on the painting ~ solid red hull)

    Terran: Gunship (Styled more on the Mckie painting)

    Stellar Cow (I don't think she appears in any of the TTA books, but a must do)


    ARMORMAN Guest

    Stellar cow is in Great Space Battles.....go for it!
  4. Bunnyear

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    no Problem with the Pilot handle :)

    The Gunship is very very Interesting i have an Eye on it,...
    When you made the model i would loved to Texture it ,...

    And the cow is in a TTA Book :twisted:
  5. ekuth

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    The Stellar Cow, definately.
  6. Jaybats

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  7. doc_harvey

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  8. doc_harvey

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    and here's one of my FAVORITE pics from the series...
  9. Gearz

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    Yep!...There's some great material there.. I'd like to dev....them ALL !

    Boy.. the Lego has certainly evolved over the years. I was lucky.. I had WHEELS!. ~ just enough wheels to make one of the 'Flat bed recovery vehicles' the Fireflash had to land on in a Thunderbirds episode. Plenty of lounge room cushions had to make emergency landings that day...

    Thanks Bunnyear... I'll post the pilot as soon as I find the file. Its going to be a while, but If you'd like to texture the 'Gunship' that would be great. Looks like another Wreck model for you to do for Doc_Harvey.. It would make a great 'wreck' model,

    I remember that pic well Doc.. *Was there a background story for that cover pic..?

    I'm glad the Stellar Cow is a go, so Its next.. Kaitain's 3D model just needs an engine section to complete it..

  10. Gearz

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    The Stellar Cow painting ..Should make for some challenging texture work...:-D

    ARMORMAN Guest


    The backstory of the wreck was the discovery of a planet of primitive one eyed creatures that were descendants of a colony ship that had landed there and the descendants had devolved. The wreck was one of several found on a scouting mission.
  12. doc_harvey

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    all these pics are really taking me back to a time in my childhood that I had almost forgotten.....kinda brings a tear to my eye....thanks, everybody for the pics and this great thread!
  13. Bunnyear

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    Yep that is all great,...8)

    So when the Cow is in Progress i take care of the canonboat,....:-D
  14. Gearz

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    Thanks ARMORMAN I love the back story's, they really give the paintings a wider field of view! So.. I might be assuming to much, but for that model we'll need a one eyed dead guy for the pilot!...

    Me to Doc.. every page was an adventure..

    Bunnyear ~ Good to hear! I have some VERY basic patterns and textures for the Gunboat, that I started a long time ago = PM me with contact info , if you'd like them and I'll dig them up ..

    Here's the pilot for Bunnyear's wreck model, its roughly scaled against the bulkhead (part 5) There's a new horizontal section/seat that needs to be added to part 5 .. Sorry.. he's as is ~ build-able ?
  15. 72BMWR75/5

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    Wow. I remember these books from way back when I first started buying books with my hard earned cash. I think I was getting $2.75 an hour (minimum wage).
    I never did buy one, but I thumbed through them. They were always next to the Frank Frazetta books. I did buy a couple of those (babes in chain mail, carrying swords, oh boy).
    Cool models.
  16. doc_harvey

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    anyone seen Gearz around since the site switched over?
  17. ekuth

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    He's around, but busy. Think he's got some medical issues right now.
  18. Samardza

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  19. 72BMWR75/5

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    Some cool images there. And it ys the books are being reissued. Thanks Samardza.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    yes they are being reissued, but with rewrites and other chages. :(

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