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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gearz, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey thank you Bunnyear! Great shot, I haven't seen it before and Yep it helps a lot.. that angle confirms it, the Queen would look way better with the longer wing root. ++++

    A Big thank you to Bowdenja! :-D He's done an excellent job and finished test building the Hornet = found all the bugs! I'm just ironing them out now ~ so it should be ready for posting in a day or two.

    *This is putting the cart before the horse. ~ Considering the models will be fairly basic, a stand will certainly give them a lift.. So heres the first of a few generic TTA stands..

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  2. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    Oh that Hornet will be great,..... and the Stand is a good Idea

    So Meanwile I beginn to Build a Prototype for the Wreck,...

    First Impression,...:roll:

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  3. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    WOW! These all look great :shock:

    This has the potential for growth like the Homeworld models, although there haven't been new ones of those recently.

  4. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    Yes lets see what we do next,...:-D

    here is the finishd Prototype, so i have to think how i get the Textures on the Inside,...and in a easy Printing Way for Downloading,...8)

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  5. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Wow.. looks great Bunnyear! Tell us how you've developed it so far? Did you convert the original picture to a texture for a 3D model? What software did you use? Printer ? paper? Great quality shot ! What camera do you use? Excellent work so far, looking forward to seeing it progress! btb.. Don't forget the little pilots skull!.

    57towsman ~ So true! There's a wealthy of subjects in the TTA books alone, not to mention all the other great vessels created by the same artists ~ that could loosely fit under the TTA umbrella.
  6. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    Thanks Gearz,..:)

    So i Start with a Free Hand sketch on a normal A4 Paper.
    Than i Scan it into my Photoshop 6.

    (scan and Print with my Hewlet Packard 3180)

    So than a Scan of the Picture. In Photoshop I use the Picture to Texture and fit all the Parts into a Form.(2 or 3 Testprintings for knowing what parts or Form are wrong....)

    The Pictures are Taken with my Casio ex-z700.
    the Timedeal is the "not using of any 3d Programm" :wink:

    For the Testprints and the Protoype i use normal 80g HP Paper.

    Next i will fit the inside an make the Model to a 240g Hp Paper,..

    Oh Yes the skull ,...that will me drive Crazy i know,....:-D
  7. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey thanks Bunnyear ~ Geeezz.. do I have to get some new equipment!
    Extra points for your methods! I don't think I'd have the skill to develop a model that way.. If you get stuck with the pilots skull or internal textures, let us know. I've got a few 3d models of skulls and plenty of raw texture material if you need anything.

    Well here's a TTA model to go with the TTA stand... its a little rough. Hopefully the Assembly Guide will make any part problems go away. I owe Bowdenja an apology, the first version had the part numbers screwed up, and its dawned on me that there was no way of telling how the wing parts matched up.. Sorry about that John! ~ Extra points for getting it all to fit together..

    That said, I've made most of the modification you suggested ( I hope) except for the matching problem on two of the fuselage parts. Correcting it, dominoes back along the fuselage, so this version has an extra bulkhead in the nose. I'd say the fuselage's Oval shape is the culprit, so the extra part may alleviate the problem to a certain degree.

    Also.. this version of the Hornet will look 'slightly' different to the picture posted at the start of the thread.. To avoid a bunch of potential building problems for novices ( and a twelve page assembly guide) I've removed the longitudinal 'wave' from the wing, removed the bevel from the LE and centralised the wing somewhat on the fuselage.. i.e. I straightened the wings! Its only a minor visual difference from the original art, although I think its going to make a big difference for builders.. Anyway i'm sure most of you will find it build-able..


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  8. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    OH YEAH !8)

    Great Now i know what iam Building Today,...:-D

    Making this Models make Hunger for more,...:wink:

    Oh by that way the skull from you would be very helpful,...:oops:

    So Thanks for the Hornet,......Printer on,.....

    ARMORMAN Guest

    well done, dude!
  10. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    so here it is the Version 1.0

    First of all ,...its a Wreck nothing can do wrong on that Model:wink:

    If anyone has a Idea how it makes better so be my guest to do it,....

    Its a version without the Skull of the Pilot,....maybe i have a Idea later

    So Please Enjoy and have Fun,...:)

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  11. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Thank you Bill :-D

    Bunnyear ~ Excellent model!!.. I really like the way you did the textures. Sorry I didn't have pilots skull ready in time ~ you work a lot faster than I can.. So far...The skull sort of crew a body, Its probably a little more complex than you had in mind, I thought it could have most of his uniform 'flattened' so it would be very easy to make. (Did you want the body and chair as well? or just his skull?)

    Would you like me to continue on with the pilot for your kit, or have you moved on to other things?

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  12. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    Thank you Gearz ,....Wow :-o that skull will work i think,....

    So my son is flying around with the Hornet Model,....i have to build a second one,.....:-D

    when that skull thing is done i will work on a second TTA Model,...

    so we have the Hornet, the wreck, you make the Queen so i look for a Model now. The Miami Spaceport is Beautiful but for the beginning to hard,...hmmm lets see,...iam not sure for the moment,...:-?
  13. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Glad to hear the Hornet model it getting a test drive Bunnyear! I'll finish the pilot off and send it over to you, so you can test it out.

    Yep.. the space port would be tricky, Although, it would make a great back ground to display the models against.. there's so many good subjects to pick from, its going to be hard to choose!

    ? Some of the artwork has some interesting smaller vessels/vehicles as well.. like little ground cars/tanks etc. Angus McKie usually has some interesting little craft in his work, the little tank in this shot has some great looking textures on it.. Although I'm not certain if this picture was used in the TTA books..

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  14. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    It's in my copy of Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 A.D.- page 83. :grin:
  15. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    I have that Picture too . Yes the Ground Vessles are also Interesting,...
    Here is a TTA Tank from Spacewrecks,...and the Right one is one of my Favorits the Astrolab.
    But with this Spheres not Buildable i think,....:(

    I look forward for the skull 8) :grin:

    How is the Quenn going on ? if you need Textures, scanner is Ready,....:wink:

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  16. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Thanks ekuth, I thought it might have been, to long ago for me to remeber them all... boy I wish I still had those books now.... those a bunch other gems lost along the way thanks to stupidity.. do you remember? (or have seen) the old UK comics "Countdown" I was only a few issues shy of having the whole set...once.... [beats head against wall]

    Bunnyear ~Thanks for the offer, I've got a few large rez pictures of the Queen, so I'll see how I go with the textures, and.. Yep I like that McKie ship as well. The spheres look daunting.. I guess the idea of keeping the models simple, sort of rules it out of the top ten. I have the same problem on few other subjects I'd like to have a go at, ~ Trade Federation droid ship from Starwars.. Discovery from 2001 etc etc..

    Unfortunately a lot of the TTA vessels /art work use lots on spherical shapes... I guess It could be developed a using a card sphere..

    OR modify the sphere's to simpler geometry?.

    OR an idea I toying with, is using Styrofoam balls, and Dev'ing a card jacket for them? Although, It would very probably create as many problems as a hollow card sphere.. Anyone experimented with a method similar to that? ~ did it work?

    The Interstellar Queen is progress reasonably well, there's a few profile pics of her floating around the net, Although, translated into 3D, the resulting wing root looks all wrong from above. So this model will be a compromise between the different versions, using the simplest forms. The only parts of concern are the 'wings' they might be a little nasty to fold.. The attached pic is the solution I'm working on. Maybe a few braces required ~ A test build will sort it out anyway..

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  17. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    *Happily volunteers to test build the Interstellar Queen!*

    You know I'm fast too, from the Galactica Beta.... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member


    I downloaded the Wreck files but it seems like the tops of Parts 1 and 2 are cut off at the top of the page...
  19. kaitain

    kaitain New Member

    Some more to work on

    Hi All,

    If you're interested I've just dug out a couple of old models I made for "Homeworld". The "Alphan Minnow" and the "Proximan Shark".

    Here are some in game images and the original images I based them on. It should be noted that I took some artistic license whilst modelling to reduce the poly count for the game :grin: :-


    View attachment 8785

    View attachment 8786


    View attachment 8787

    View attachment 8788

    View attachment 8789

    If any of you are interested in turning them into card models let me know and I'll send you the 3DS file and textures. I've also got an untextured Piranha, and Stellar cow, but the cow needs some more work. (Sorry if the images are too large).



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  20. Bunnyear

    Bunnyear Member

    @ Ekuth

    Yeah look like, ... but when you rounded it you see why,...:wink:

    @ Kaitain

    "Put Hand in the air" here ,here that can work,......:-D
    The shark looks good,....

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