TTA ships from start to finish!

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    Thanks for the contribute! I would recommend a photo or illustration of the built model to use as a guide for those who may not be familiar with the books.
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    My Bad. I forgot the pic and my kids destroyed the working copy in an epic space battle, which was well worth the sweat equity of building the model. Will have to rebuild the Gunship and post some time later. I'll also add the pdf again with the pic.

    As for the Shark, I included both the pic from the TTA web site and a pic of one I built. My version was a little different in the decals but the model decomposition is still the same.
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    For your consumption, I built another CAM117 Gunship. It was a concept build and needs more tweaking; so, tackle at your own risk.

    Included are various pics of the parts and the final product. It's like a puzzle that you have to put together. Also, I have 2 options for a nose on what I believe to be the particle accelerator--your choice.

    I am looking forward to seeing a better Gunship from the Pros. But, in the interim, please enjoy the mock-up I made.

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    CAM117 and Shark Pic

    Sorry, I maxed out the pics upload in the previous post. For a comparison, I placed the two models I made side by side. They are not to scale relative to the 2 ships. I believe the CAM117 would be much larger. Enjoy.

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    Future Hornet Build

    I've been kicking around the idea of building an AAF 212 Hornet. Problem is that the angles are difficult to create without a major decomposition of the structure.

    The shape is a generally a smashed cone, or an ellipse. Cones are easy to construct if you use the formula below. I built the Shark using that formula, from sketch to layout. But, an ellipses, I can't seem to condense into a nice formula (assuming the ellipse is symmetrical, of course).wall1

    Any recomendations out there on an simple formula for elliptical cones? Or, is there a better way to address the problem with out usinf 3D CAD?


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    Wow! And that video is amazing but I like the models best
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    The thing I love about these models is the fact that they are open to interpretation to an extent. The artwork is a single picture from a single angle, and you make of it what you will. The only real test of your work is to hold it in the pose from the book art, and see if it works :)

    Been a bit slow working on the project due to work commitments....but I have managed to secure a deal on the Starliners and Space Battles books, and hope to add a Spacewrecks to my collection too....which just means I got a whole lot more material for projects!
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    This page has the easiest way to do cones by hand.

    Make it such that if you are doing a rounded nose piece, you calculate out taller such that you end up with conical rings for the nose piece instead of a point.
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    This is one thread to keep an eye on. Quite a task before you..
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    Free Hand Cones

    Thanks Zathros. I've added this to my references.
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    Progress has been slow...but steady.

    The cutlass model is just about done and I am in the process of texturing it ready for unwrapping. I have ad-libbed on the upper detail to add a bit of depth and interest to the model, and it passes the acid test... when you position the model in the same way as it is shown in the looks like the picture.

    I have made an optional open hatch should you want it open as per the picture.
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    Very cool, you've got not only mine but my eldest sons interest piqued. I'll be keeping an eye on this :thumb:
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    Hornet Design

    Unforunately, I gave up on the original shape of the Hornet. Its oval design is too complex without a CAD application. So, I took a different course. Please tell me what you think. Beware, it is not a precise model; some creative assembly is required.


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    That looks nice. If you ever get stuck with a shape again, let me know, maybe I can help you. I have done it for many others. :)

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