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  1. cidchase

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    I had heard of this as a scale but didn't know anyone was really active in it.

    This is really going off in your own direction!! Gotta appreciate those guys, another whole aspect of model railroading. Pretty interesting site, I thought. :) :) :)
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    I think tt scale came out concurrently with n scale or close to it. The size is close enough to n that most modelers chose to go in the direction of n scale. It is kind of like the difference between ho and oo. Tt was popular in Eastern Europe I believe, but in the West n killed it.
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  4. 60103

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    TT came out long before N did. I always figured that the problem was that it wsn't enough smaller than HO. I think that the difference needs to be about half, and TT's drop of 2/3 - 3/4 wasn't enough. (Same problem with S gauge.)(now we'll hear from TR).
    American TT never got past the craftsman stage. There weren't many manufacturers supporting it, HP products was the biggest.
    Scale was 1/10" = 1' (1:120). Gauge was .471"
    Britain, of course, came out with TT3 which was 3mm = 1', 12mm gauge. Major support is now from a society.
  5. boppa

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    well-i had(may still have???) some tt gear
    it was my dads-when he was a teenager
    and im in my mid 30's now
    id be betting it predated n by about-oh 2 or 3 decades minimum
    btw his was all triang(turned into hornby didnt it??) and was about halfway between ho and n in size

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