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    :wave: Hi all, this is a surprise for my friend Drew. I modeled for his new railroad this turntable. Let me add and don't start laughing I used an HO Atlas turntable. Some say they don't look good and are very noisey. WRONG! First I made a new shack for the operator and it is so well insulated you could keep ice cubes in it for a month. Second, I lubed the gears very well, most of the noise you hear are the gears from under the table. But I found if you run it at prototype speed it is now very quite. It ran so quite when it hasitated at the rail stops I couldn't tell if the motor was still running so I needed a visuale to tell. More on that later. I made it a pit style(and they say it can't be done) Thirdly it shows the name of his new road. (sorry Drew, but could't resist). I know he wanted to announce it first but the press got to it first. Now for the pictures:

    This first one shows the right side of the operators shed, the shelves are 7 ft tall. The exhaust fan is the visual I told you about to tell if the motor is running. Yes it works and does its job well.

    This picture shows another view of the shack showing the railroads name, the Salt Lick & Devils Mtn. Railroad. It also shows the operators has a sence of humor by putting a sign up that reads "No Free Rides", when we walk around you will see why they may have that sence of humor. Also I would like you to pay attention to the windows, on windows that are big I like to use mirrors as it looks more real by showing a reflection as real windows do. A very neat affect you may want to try.


    This view shows the humor may come from the quarter barrels of beer stacked out of sight. The rain leaving streaks of rust down the nail heads and the tin siding looking really weathered along with other details.


    And now for the table itself. I won't go into detail of the construction here but you can see it is a gallows type. I did a block rock wall and did both sides of the wall in case he uses it on his layout and the scenery does not come all the way to the top it will be ok as the block and ties on tip will show. Also I did not cut down where the rail will come in as this would be left when planting to see where the rail or rails may come in. Neat huh?


    This shows a little overhead view showing the concrete pit and the running rail inside it. Also being a older table there are some weeds and grass growing inside the pit. It is a wood deck and in 0 scale is a 36 ft long and 8 ft wide. I think it will need to be widen by another 2 ft but that would not be hard to do at this stage and beside Drew can do that if necessary, hehe.


    Just a close up of the shacks front, and yes that is a true Kentucky Card. sitting there, it's like a good luck charm to us Ky folks as it means spring is just around the corner.


    And the last is a cab view comeing in to be turned on the table at Salt Lick.


    I hope you like it Drew for it is all yours now and will be shipped soon. What do you folks think of the Atlas turn table now.
    This is ole table builder Jim saying "I'll see you around". :eek:
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    Drew is one lucky guy to get this magnificent turntable. Excellent work Jim I hope Drew post a photo of it here at the Gauge when installed on his layout
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    Excellent work Jim!

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