TRY Krapny B-P Defiant Build- time lapse

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by shrike, Dec 17, 2006.

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    The canopy more or less fit the sole former. Like fairing abaft of the turret, the one in front is also hinged on a scored flap.

    Kind of interesting that the greatest design shortcoming of the Defiant (lack of any fixed foreward armament) created the classic oblique "Shragemusik" installation with the guns traversed foreward.
    I know the Japanese had oblique guns in some Ki45's. Did the allies ever use that installation?

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    Here is the cobbled together cowling. The front-most bulkhead was undersized, but circular, so that was an easy fix.

    I was really fortunate in having some thin (12lb or so) 'art' paper that matches the colour and reflectivity of the printed black very well.

    I cut some well oversized joining strips to attach the top cowling, which sits at a pronounced angle, trimmed a little bit at the lower corners to not overlap existing panels. Luckily the exhaust stacks are an applique over the seam, which will help hide the mess.

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    Lamination and landing gear

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    Despite the kit's shortcomings you're doing a great job, I would've tossed it by now!
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    Not as far as I'm aware. The oblique cannon were a Japanese invention - originally in the J1N1 Irving to take on B-24s in the SW Pacific. The Luftwaffe copied it and it proved successful against RAF night bombers.

    I guess the only Allied aircraft which could have used oblique guns would have been the P-61 - but the turrets on those were most often fixed to fire forward. By the time Allied night fighters could have used oblique cannon the Luftwaffe bomber force wasn't really capable of mounting large raids. Mostly towards the end of the war RAF night fighters were used to attack Luftwaffe night fighters around the bomber streams.


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    Is that Gus? He's looking well. Oh yeah, the plane is looking pretty darn
    good as well!

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    On the gear. In this picture the 'fix' of the cowling doesn't look that frighteningly bad, altho' it does show a very 'portly' profile.

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    The spinner segments nested in a Mayan Pyramid fashion. Something to remember if I design a Ratier propeller. The prop blades have tabs that would indicate fitting into slots, but the only locations given on the spinner are too small and at un-even pitches, so I cut them off and faked it.

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    Exhaust stubs No surprises, and the bases cover much of the gaps left by the cowling 'fix'

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    Last few bits. Antennae and tail feathers. I'm not sure why I left them to last, but I did. They are provided separately, but without any hinges or structure. Would have been better to just make them all one piece

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    That's Missy, Gus's much furrier little sister. Normally very aloof and skittish, she always decides to be a lap cat at only the most inopportune moments.
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    Looking good, You're doing well with the kit despite a few "misadjustments" on their part.
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    Oooh boy. Where to start.
    When I started this thread, I was in a very evangelical mood. The step by step threads are great and inspiring, but some of them can also be intimidating for a beginner.
    I wanted to do something intermediate, as an example of a slightly more advanced build than the average Fiddlers Green kit.(And I have nothing but good things to say about the folks at FG for variety selection and doing much good to promote the hobby!) This one seemed a likely candidate. Formers, petals, a few details, but not overwhelming. Maybe a good confidence builder before tackling something more involved.

    It can be built. I managed it. There's pictures to prove it. BUT...

    I have to say that the kit presents enough in the way of challenges and frustrations to not make it worth building compared to the end result. It doesn't even have the cachet of being a really rare or unusual aircraft.For a couple of dollars (euros - whatever) more you can buy a much nicer kit that will reward the extra effort required with a nicer finished product.

    I didn't set out to write a scathing review, I've designed a few models and I know that there's always something. This kit has too many 'somethings'.

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    Nice review and nice build of a substandard kit. Thanks. (Nice cat, too.)

    No worries,

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