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  1. Livesteam

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    i need to know how do i take trucks off a car that is made by lionel? it loks like a pin that is pressed holds it on?
  2. 60103

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    On the ones I had from the '50s, there was a pin and inside (on top of the floor) there was a C-shaped clip that held it in. These clips disappear faster than coupler spring when pried off.
  3. Dave Farquhar

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    They used several methods over the years. Some cheaper cars used rolled brass rivets that you have to drill out. Forget about salvaging those rivets. You can get rivets that look just like the originals, and tools for setting them are available, but I reattach them with pop rivets and backing washers. I don't see any need to spend a lot of money on tools to restore a car that'll be worth $8 if it looks factory versus $7 if it doesn't. A pop rivet gun costs $10-$12 and a package of rivets is a couple of bucks.

    Mid- and high-end cars used a stud that was held in place by a C clip. Those are easily pried off with a small screwdriver. If you lose the Lionel clip, you can get a suitable replacement at the hardware store. It won't look like the Lionel but it'll hold the truck in place.

    Some late '60s cars up into the early '80s used a plastic pin. I take those off by pressing the bottom of the pin with needle-nose pliers and pushing the pin upward. It's a lot harder to describe than it is to do--fiddle with it for a couple of minutes and you'll get it. The fit was pretty loose so the cars don't track as well as they could; if I ever get a sizable quantity of those cars I'll probably replace the peg with pop rivets.

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