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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Rusty Spike, May 28, 2004.

  1. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    I ordered several peco ho code 100 turn outs from Hobby Circle in Brooklyn, NY via their website over two weeks ago. I first became concerne when I couldn't indicate insulfrog vs. electrofrog and left hand vs. right hand. After placing my order I immedately emailed them referencing my order number and provided the additional information.

    I heard nothing back over the weekend and waited for a response on Monday and Tuesday. I got nervous and left a phone message. Finally I received an email requesting specifics - they didn't seem to have any knowledge of my email or my voice mail. There we subsequent delays but finally I was able to convey what I wanted.

    Several days later a charge finally showed up on credit card - awe the shipment would finally be coming (there is a large yard coming together in the basement and my construction has been delayed waiting for these points).

    The box arrived today - 3 curved turnouts as ordered but only 3 of 8 short turnouts but they were right hand not left hand - 5 short and the wrong direction! Oh, but they included the credit card slip showing I had been charged for the full amount.

    I called, I emailed, haven't heard anything back yet.

    This one worries me. Anyone else done business with these folks either locally or on the web?

    They are at 38 Franklin Ave. in Brooklyn, NY.

    ?? Thanks.
  2. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Sorry you're havin' problems, Rusty. :( :(

    From what I read other places, the only way to get a satisfactory result
    from them is to call Jim (not during lunchtime) and check stock specifically
    before ordering. Their lines of communication, record keeping, billing practices,
    and order filling record seem to be poor.

    Mind you, I have no personal experience here, just passing on others'
    tales of woe!!! So don't shoot the messenger! :D :D :D :D
  3. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    That's unfortunate Rusty. If I were you I would contact my credit card company immediately and ask if there is anything they can do at their end.

    I had phone dealings with Hobby Circle once, but the guy on the phone was so rude I ended up not ordering anything. I have not had any further dealings with them.

    One of the ways these deep discount internet hobby shops keep their prices down is by keeping their employee levels way down too. This means there is often no after purchase service whatsoever, and impossible tangles trying to return anything.

    Good luck. I think if you can involve your credit card company, they may have the clout you lack. There's nothing like withholding payment to get you to the top of the priority list.

    Let us know what happens with this.

  4. chipmonk

    chipmonk Member

    rusty this sounds like a real thing i would suggest is using different dealers

    i have ordered from all of these except the last one, with all my orders were recieved in full unless something was out of stock or there wasnt enough in the where house, for example i recieived only one of a an item when i ordered two, i was only billed for one but was not notified untill i opened the package. i found that calling, or emailing stock checks eleveated this problem, all these suppliers have detialed return, shipping, and dealing policies avaliable on thier websites and once again i have had no problems in my dealings with them. did i mention they have some darn good prices too!

    hope you get that straightened out, the last thing you want is to get screwed over for trying to buy something..
  5. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    That's why I use my LHS. I found out that even with higher prices he charges it's still cheaper in the long run. The other day he had a special on proto 2000 FA2 undecorated, $25 each. I purchased 2. Sure I pay list a lot too, or 10% off list, but less shipping and rip offs I feel I'm breaking evn, I get it NOW, and get to touch and look before I buy, I get free advise, I get fellowship, and I get good deals. Support your LHS. FRED
  6. Topo

    Topo Member

    Rusty, I'm afraid that Hobby Circle is not «clean wheat», as we say in Spain.

    Another people have had bad experiences with these guys:

    Two years ago I contacted them regarding some RR stuff that they had posted in their website. They never answer me so I let it pass and finally bought from another shop. I was lucky, I suppose.
  7. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

  8. fifer

    fifer Active Member

    All of our LHS' closed so I had to take matters into my own hands and start my own online store now I have no problems (yet) although I only stock N Scale .

    My wish is to not be rich but to be the best I can at this , it's always what I have wanted to do and I intend to treat people like I would want to be treated.
    My Ebay name is FIFER and my feedback there pretty much sums up how I hope to treat my shop customers.
    Rusty I hope you can come to some resolution there.
    I Feel Your Pain!

  9. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    Thanks everyone - great help, great service - just what I was looking for. I do patronize my LHS but they stock very little of what I need and I always feel guilty asking for a discount on my big orders (usually in excess of $100) - oh well.

    I contacted my card company and I used one of the companies listed above to place my order.

    The sad part is I ordered the turn outs well in advance of vacation I had planned specifically to work on a new yard - the best laid plans. Alas, there's always something in need of attention on the layout, or on my wife's honey do list.

    See ya.
  10. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    `Hi Rusty
    I had the same problems with HC. First they sent too much of one thing, not enough of an other. Called and complained and finally got what I ordered but it sounds like I was the lucky one. My advice for this time is use their 800 number, frequently! then if you get your order start looking elsewhere. This advice comes from personal experiance.
  11. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Well,When it comes to dealing with on line hobby shops the first time I proceed with caution and make a very small order..I will also use a USPS money order instead of my charge card..The old America Hobby Center still owns me $15.00 for a order I never received and that was around 30 years ago. :mad: Since then I been a soul of caution dealing with mail order or internet hobby shops.For my e bay payments I always send a USPS money order for many reasons. :D
  12. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    My issue with HC may be resolved. As directed by CidChase above, I dealt with Jim at HC and he phoned me twice today and stated he would credit my card for the 5 that did not ship - I'm sure I'll find some place to use the 3 right hand turnouts that I received in error.

    I told Jim about the feedback on HC here on the Gauge and gave him the web address. Every business wants to serve customers well, I hope he finds the feedback objective and useful.

    Thanks to all.
  13. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    Rusty, take it from another far north minnesota guy.If you are going to place an online order for anything other than DCC,most shops do very well but i have found that caboose hobbies is the best all around online sales hobby shop for our hobby period bar none.they actually floored me with thier service and follow up after the fact.
    I realize this does not help you now,however you have a lifetime of internet purchases to make(yes ive been to mankato ;) )Thier inventory for all scales is second to none!!
    For DCC I use Loys Toys and Litchfield Station.Both have proven to be excellant sources and very helpful.Particularly Fred Standish at Loys.
  14. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    I do not, and intend on never doing business with "www. I got your hobby right"! I have believed, and continue to believe in "brick and mortar" businesses.
    It is unfortunate, but "WWW dot" lends a good dose of anonymity to business, and where there's anonymity, people will not take the pride in their work that they might in the face to face world.
    With every choice, there's benefit, and there's consequence, the WWW might increase benefit, but it also increases consequence. To all, then who choose the WWW, I'll quote Dirty Harry-"Do you feel lucky?". After all, he just might have fired all six.
  15. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Chris, I am familiar with all the links you gave except for the first and last. When I tried the first link I got a Not Found error. The others are fine. Don't know what the problem is, but you might check it out again.
  16. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    The 1stPlace Hobbies order came the other day - all as I wanted - very nicely packed and the communication with them was great.

    My on-line banking service shows I was credited for the items not sent by Hobby Circle so all is well.

    As far as Bricks and Mortor versus online retailers - each individual business must earn my return business. In my travels I've been at hobby shops that would be my only resource for nearly all my purchases - unfortunately, they are not in the same state as I am. My local HS gets plenty of my business and they've been very good when I ask for a discount on a large purchase - they certainly don't satisfy my need to browse though. I'm glad we get a choice and I'll continue to vote for favorite businesses with my dollars.
  17. trainworm

    trainworm Member

    i will definately throw in a plug for not only are you supporting a "brick and mortar" hobby shop, their customer service is excellent! their prices and selection aint nothin to sneeze at either :D

    i am pretty sure that i ordered from hobby circle once. i got what i paid for but havent been back since.

    i hope one day i can get some time in Denver, Colorado to stop by Caboose Hobbies. i have heard that their store and selection is jaw dropping good.
  18. BDC

    BDC Member


    That link should be

    I've ordered from HC twice - the first time I got everything OK (beginner's luck?). The second time I had to call them about a problem and felt like I should have bought an English/Farsi dictionary first. That was also the last time for them.
  19. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    1stplace is good, trainworld is top notch and prices are hard to beat. 1st place basically mirrors the walthers inventory, at a discount. Trainworld has been around a long time, before www was popular and offers unbelieveable closeouts.
  20. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    I have collected a list of about 2 dozen OLHS's. Makes it a lot easier to shop around and compare prices, availability and service.

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