Trotsky Japanese Me262

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. smsuski

    smsuski Member

    Hi All,
    I see that the japanese plane that looks like the Me262 has been released.
    Marv S.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy smsuski

    Yes be ready within the next few days probably for him to release 3 more of his planes. These little planes are great little models for constructing in between major builds......something to keep you from getting burnt out if you are at a sticking point on a bigger build. They let you kick back, relax and get your mind off the other model and still build something you can be really proud of.

    have a good day,

  3. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    That's a Nakajima Kikka :D
  4. sikiri

    sikiri New Member

    How do I actually download files on that page? Because I can click on all the aircraft pictures, but none of them are downloadable. It probably has something to do with the colour codes. But since my Japanese isn't really good (it is unexistent) and Babelfish is not helping either, I would like that someone explains me how this site works.
  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Sikiri! :D

    The download link is in the pink label beneath the picture of the aircraft. What I do is right click on that label and save the file to my computer. I found downloading it first helps in ease of opening the file. Please note you will require the latest Acrobat Reader software to read these files, which I believe is ARVersion 7. Trotskiy's webpage states you need the latest version for the recent releases, and it's a free software download so no problem. The other thing is the files are password protected. The webpage tells you what the password is, no real mystery, it's the designer's name...but you probably already knew that.

    These are neat little planes that Trotskiy has designed :wink: , and he circulates them on a somewhat regular basis with new versions, i.e., new paintjobs, and sometimes upgrades them from the old version; his latest upgrades seem to include the landing gear which the original versions did not. He also seems to add new planes from time to time, but it seems to take forever before they are actually released once their new thumbnail shows up on the page...I'm waiting for the JU-88, which has been there for a few months now but not yet released.

    Anyway, I hope this answers your question and helps a bit.


  6. sikiri

    sikiri New Member

    Thank you for the info Jim. I have downloaded a few aircraft now, and asking myself whichone to build first :)

    By the way, I am not using Acrobat reader, but foxit reader, which does just the same, but is much quicker at startup then Acrobat Reader. It is also a lot smaller in size. And it works fine (if you have the japanese language pack installed off course). I recommend it to anyone who doesn't like acrobatreader.

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