Trotskiy's Saiun

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cgutzmer, Dec 12, 2006.

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  2. KenG

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    Newbie question

    I'm a newbie at this. I went to the sight, but was unable to find a way to download or buy these models. :?
  3. Willja67

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    Mr. Trotskiy only releases a couple of models at a time they are indicated by the pink label. You have to click on the label itself (not the pic under it) and you'll be asked for the password which is Trotskiy.
  4. KenG

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    Thanks Will!
  5. ms502

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    Pete F1M2

    Now , at Trotskiy
  6. Artie Bob

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    Older Trotskiys

    The multi-engine aircraft no longer appear on this site, If any one is willing to share a "Lily" or "Lorna", it would be greatly appreciated. I was willing to wait for them to come up again, but it now appears that may not happen.


    Artie Bob

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