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  1. Blades

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    Where did Trotskiy's Studio go? My bookmark takes me nowhere and I've had the same results with all the searches I've tried. Is there a new address for his planes?
  2. rmks2000

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  3. Blades

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    Thanks for the info RMKS. It had been a while since I had last checked in on him and I must have missed his move.
  4. timsong

    timsong SpitfireAce

    hey do u have a trotskiy p-40 flying tigers?
  5. airbob

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    Anybody got a copy of the Trotskiy "Kate"

    announce1announce1Anybody got a copy of the Trotskiy Kate B5N2:wave:....I got the Zero and got the Val that I have reduced to 1:400 scale for my Hiryu....these are nicely suitable for building small..due to there relative simplicity and amazing accuracy for the completed thing...Thanks

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  6. Zathros

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    :eek:Now I know why they lost the war, those hull landings must have been tricky, and the barnacles murder on the tires.:mrgreen:
  7. timsong

    timsong SpitfireAce

    i have it airbob, oh,btw can you tell me how to reduce the scale of the trotskiy planes on adobe pdf?
  8. airbob

    airbob Member

    I scan the printed 8.5x11 model from the Trotskiy site and then send it to my Photoshop CS and can reduce it there to any size...:thumb:

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