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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

  1. cgutzmer

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    Fly for a normal person. To put things into perspective when my son decides to "fix" things all he needs is the hammer from my toolbox. He would probably turn it into a paper boulder after I hand it to him. I will make something medium complexity and hang it up for him - besides I dont have to do the landing gear that way..... maybe I can hang it and the pfalz from their ceiling fan and they can chase each other around and around and around!
  2. Bengt F

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    Yes, Rick,

    That´s a good site for paper planes - I have downloaded the F-117 Stealth (Nighthawk) a while ago and it looks really nice.


    If your son is only three, I´d opt for the FiddlersGreen version - lots of nice color schemes to choose from and easy to do a new one (another version) if a 'plane crash' should occur . . .
    Kids grow very fast - in just a little while he´s 6 or 7, and you will have to share your scissors and knives . . .

    Best of luck with the bedside toy,
    Bengt :D

    PS.(edited in): Is he the little guy to the right in your avataar pic?
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    yes he is :) thats a halloween pic :) Charlotte (my daughter) is the girl in the pic getting the pfalz.
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    wow, for some reason not a single link of the fiddlers green site is working for me right now.... will try at home tonight.
  5. cgutzmer

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    it was an old cached page - its working after going stright to the home page - my bad!
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  7. smyfe

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    New Plane

    :) Trotskiy has a new plane up for download, an Hayabusa i think:)
  8. igoraf

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  9. MAJOR

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    And another

    And another from Trotskiy, hien295_v18
  10. paper warrior

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    I did that with the Fiddlers green ME262 and the Fatman bomb from the FG B-29.
  11. smyfe

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    now its the type5b_v16
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    dang! I missed the last one! that was fast..... ah well another year! ;)
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    Re trotskiy

    :-D Hi Cgutzmer, if it is allowed and you let me know which of the last few you have missed, i will happily e-mail you the file, let me know
    cheers smyfe:) :)
  15. cgutzmer

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    Generally its not allowed - it will come around again :) eventually... sure was a fast turnaround! Thanks for the offer though.
  16. 72BMWR75/5

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    that was a fast one

    Is the v. followed by the number a version #? Does he have different paint jobs?
  17. rickstef

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    usually not, just some slight adjustments

    panel lines, Center of Gravity, stuff like that

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    I just wonder if he'll ever release the twin-engine planes again. I stopped downloading his planes when he went to Reader 7.0 as my version of Windows wouldn't support it. Now that I've upgraded, I've been waiting for plane like the Betty and Nell to come back. No such luck yet:(.

    Scott K.
  19. airbob

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    Kamikaze plane download!!!

    Trotskiy now has the cool blue and white pre-war Kamikaze plane for download...get it while it is hot!!!:twisted:
  20. 3Turner

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    man...they are changing pretty fast...

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