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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

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    Russell.............. that used be my problem, I was wondering where it went to!

    No really, I had the same problem, but them I downloaded one of MS fixes and prest-o change-o, there re-appeared.

    Yeah I know............... but I HATE UNIX!

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    Do you know which fix?

    Actually I get one pic of a plane at the bottom but that is the only one.

    I never had a problem with my computer till I bought and installed Norton System works, now it's just one thing after the other.

    I thought it was supposed to help your system run better, now I am not so sure it was the smart thing to do.

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    Picture changes at Trotskiy site

    I observed that several, not all, of the photos change when you move the cursor over them. Many appear to be showing us a second paint job for that model.
    Perhaps he is hinting as to what the next release of those iterations
    will be. The new graphics may be causing some of the problems for some folks as well. ( I honestly didn't explore their origins).

    Trotskiy switched over to using Adobe 7 for his releases a while back,
    which is not backward compatible (well not 100%) with older versions.
    (I can open them with 6.X but I always get a warning message, and some text is not available), so if a system isn't running the 7.x reader software, you will likeley get the same error msgs.
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    if you have had problems since installing Norton, it may be the Ad Blocker feature. I had the same problem with Norton until I unchecked the Ad Blcoker feature and all the pictures reappeared and the websites I had problems with were back to normal.
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    That was it exactly!
    All the pics are back now!
    I would never have thought of that. Those little pics aren't adds in my book.
    Thank you very much!

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    Well that is good that it worked. I was racking my brain when it was happening to me. But imagine the pictures being blocked and the webpage continually refreshing automatically about 50 times in a row within 2 REALLY got on my nerves...when I finally figured it out, Iwas so happy.
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    16.4 Zero A6M2N is out
    Ready to download
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    Am I technically challenged or has Trotskiy taken down all twin engine subjects? Perhaps they are located on another part of his site that I have not yet figured out how to reach. I do note that the background when I downloaded Rufe was a fighter version of the Ju 88.

    Best regards,

    Artie Bob
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    37. A7M2 is out
    Ready to download
  10. ms502

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    37. A7M2 is out
    Ready to download
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    Hello Jim. I have a similar question regarding the Trotskiy downloads. If you wouldn't mind answering I would appreciate it. Thanks. I can download the Trotskiy pink highlighted planes, however when I go to print these I cannot print the entire plane on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. It won't let me copy the page so I could transfer it to another program to print. Do you know how to get around this? Curiosity is why does Trotskiy allow a downloaded site and not be able to do anything with it. I can't find where these are for sale or anything. It's quite frustrating. Thanks again.

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    Hi, Dennis!

    I don't mind answering at all, but I'm not sure I have the complete answer for you.

    His models are apparently published to be printed out using a very large sheet. For instance, looking at the last model I downloaded from his site, the A6M2, version 12, if you check the size of the paper (I do this by moving my cursor toward the lower left corner of the page and a measurement pops up) it is 11.67 x 16.50 inches. I gather this is the size paper you need to print out the entire sheet in 1/60 scale in one shot (some of his models are apparently designed at a smaller scale but I think the paper size is the same).

    Now, I don't have paper this size and when you click on the print option you will see in the preview page the model with a lot of gray around the edges if you don't use the paper scaling function (this option in the print menu drop down page is in the lower left hand shaded box). If you chose, instead of "None" under the paper scaling option, the "Fit to Printable Area" (that's what it says in AR8, it is similar in AR7), you will now see the preview picture shows the model sheet fully selected, but the "zoom" factor below the picture says "63%", if you are using 8-1/2 x 11 paper as the default paper size.

    You can change the paper size by clicking the "Properties" button, and making a new selection on the pop up menu under "Paper Size." But if you leave it at the default selection (at least on my AR version) at 8 1/2 x 11, and have selected the "Fit to Printable Area" option in the paper scaling box, the AR program will reduce the size of the sheet to fit the paper you have selected, in my case 8 1/2 x 11, and reduce the size of what you print to 63% of the original model.

    As best I can figure, this means when I print it out it using 8 1/2 x 11 paper as my paper size choice and select the fit to paper option, it will reduce the page by 63%, which means the model as printed will come out at about 1/96 scale or so. (If you want to figure out how I came to that final scale size, look at it this way...if I was intentionally trying to reduce the model to 1/96 scale, and the model as originally designed is 1/60 scale, I would have to reduce the 1/60 scale model by a reduction factor, in this case 60 (the original 1/60 scale) divided by 96 (the 1/96 scale I want it to be), which give me 62.5%. So, the "zoom" function on this "fit to paper" option using 8 1/2 x 11 paper being 63%, the printed model would come out to something around 1/96 scale).

    You can also play around with the "Print Range" selections, which, when you select "Current View", selects only that portion of the model sheet you are looking at before going to the "Print" menu. For instance, if you increase the size of the model view before selecting the print menu (there is a zoom feature in AR at the top of the AR window which you can use to magnify or decrease the size of what you see when viewing the model sheet), when you then select the print menu and change in the "Print Range" menu option to "Current View", (remember to also change the "Paper Handling" selection to "None" if this hasn't already been selected so AR doesn't alter the size of what you selected), you will see the preview picture now shows only a portion of the model sheet, not the whole model, but without any reduction of scale, in the non-grayed out area (also be sure you select "Auto-Rotate and Center", or play around with that function to end up with a view of that portion you want to print). If you were to print this out now, you would end up with only a part of the original sheet printed, but without any reduction in the overall scale of the original model (so it comes out in 1/60 scale). You have to play around with your view selection and will end up printing out a few sheets to print out the whole model doing it this way, but you should eventually end up with the entire model printed out in the original 1/60 scale. Just be sure to check what is displayed in the print preview picture to ensure you are not cropping off any parts of the selected model parts when it is printed out, and then go back and scroll the model view down to capture a different part of the page for your next printed page. You can also "cancel" the print to adjust the view you are printing if you don't capture the entire part you want to print.

    You can also change your default paper size if you have different paper sizes (legal, for instance) and then see what the "current view" selection gives you. I believe, however, even if you stay with 8 1/2 x 11 paper size, you can capture the whole model using the "Current View" selection, and then going back to move the view selection, and print the next selection. Again, if the preview doesn't show the part of the page or model part you want to print, just cancel the print and go back and adjust the view.

    I hope some of this rambling helps you. Let me know how it works out.


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    trotskiy rotates the planes for download. It keeps people coming back and helps control his bandwidth usage.
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    Not sure whether it's a shark's mouth/teeth, but the P40 from Fiddler's Green is a pretty nice model of the Flying Tiger version for a younger craftsman as well, and a bit easier than the Halinski version. He might very well be an experienced paper model, so if this suggestion is too simple for him please disregard, but I figured I would mention another choice for you.
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    Jim, thank you for your speedy and excellent response. I just tried your directions and everything worked fine.

    Thanks again.

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    Well ya see, actually I am making the model for him. He is only three and I am not ready to hand over the xacto knife! he is good with scissors though but cant cut a very straight line yet ;) I will be making something simple since he has a history of smashing models within minutes..... HOWEVER I might have him convinced to hang this one above his bed :)

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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