Trotskiy Planes

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

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    What a shame, for thoose trying to find something to build, and as one other mentioned above, Ojimak has great models as well. The password to the files is Ojimak. Regretably, he does not have the WWI planes as avaialbe.
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    thank you, mssrs trotskiy and ojimak
  4. RocketmanTan

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    Thank you so much for the link! I have missed their models so much sign1
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    Yes, Ojimak, we all have missed Trotskiy-san. Will his models all be on your site, or will he re-start his own again?
  6. rezhead

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    Life is worth living now! ha ha thanks for the great models! :)
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    Thank you, I was waiting for this.
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    Can someone please share with me how to acess the trotskiy site thanks
  10. he has a new site i found but cant download anything yet does anyone know how or why?
  11. newcomer

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    He seems to be back. three models up.
  12. Frank Kelle

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    Thats great news!
    Thanks for your information - and mostly thanks to Mr. Trotskiy!
  13. zathros

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    Yup, this is his site:

    I never understood the fascination with thee planes, strip away the paint job, and because he does not use formers, they all look the same. It must be said that they do have nice paint jobs. He says he won't release a plane if it does not "fly", though "Glide' is the real word in play here. Any plane can be made to fly if the center of lift is behind the center of gravity, and the wings are shaped properly. Of course, without formers to hold their shape, I can see why some people have trouble repeating flights, and they get worse as they get more and more out of shape from being hollow. The make nice static displays. I wish he would release the autogyros. I could tel him ow to make them glide. I was making those glide over 30 years ago.

    The planes shold be opbtained from his site, so he can get the site "hits", though, if he offered them all up more regularly, people would go there for them. He just does not make them available. :cool:
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    3 more Trotskiy planes up

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