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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

  1. joec

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    New Trotskiy

    Mr. Trotskiy has now placed the SB2C Helldiver on his site for downloading. It's been awhile since the P-51 first appeared so some of us have probably been having withdrawal symptoms! Have at it...
  2. Mr. Trotskiy

    Be patience my paperfriends.

    It's during a long time to make a new
    papercard likes Mr. Trotskiy quality.

    Dont shoot me. i'm only the pianoplayer.
  3. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

  4. Thanks, how long has it been up?
  5. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Just came up yesterday afternoon my time. I have been checking on Mr. Trotskiy-san 2-3 times per day to keep from missing his great models.
    He probably just needed a good rest!
    Thank you, sir, your return is very much appreciated.
  6. coupedefleur

    coupedefleur New Member

    Is anybody using linux able to open the files? KPDF doesn't like the password.

    The newest version of Acrobat for linux is 8.1.3, same for the Solaris operating system.

  7. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    I use xpdf without any troubles - on the recent models. There was a batch that required Acrobat 9 that I can't open. A problem I see people having is they seem to misspell the password..

    And yep, the Swordfish is up! :thumb:
  8. Switched

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    Don't blink, Trotskiy fans. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc is available for your modelling pleasure!
  9. Switched

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    Trotskiy is on a roll. Another Spitfire is up!
  10. a6m

    a6m Member

    if I see correctly,
    there is a Ju88C6 nightfigter in Trotskiy's offer

    is there anybody who has ever seen it in download?
    I'm VERY interested in it, but I believe it wasn't never issued -- :confused:
    or simply I have miss it ???:cry::cry:

  11. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    Yeah, like to have that! An Albatross DIII way at the bottom too!
  12. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    Am I missing something? The main trotskiy page ( or do I have that wrong) only has three videos on it. Where are the models?
  13. Coot59

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  14. oklacnw

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  15. joec

    joec New Member

    Nice to see that Mr. Trotskiy is posting some of his twin engine/multi engine designs on his site now. It's my understanding that he has a large archive of models that many of us may not have ever seen posted. Perhaps he'll be making some of these available to his many fans soon?? We can hope...and keep our fingers crossed! I'd really like to get that Mosquito, P-38, and Ju-88 in my collection... and the Albatros DIII, too!
  16. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    Hi guys, the Typhoon is up for download:thumb:
  17. a6m

    a6m Member

    yes, the ju88 c-9 and the albatross :thumb:
    I can't wait .....:yep::yep::yep:
  18. degreen60

    degreen60 Member

    Does he have WW1 planes too? I haven't seen any of them. I love the WW1 planes.
  19. joec

    joec New Member

    Yes, the Albatros DIII is a WWI plane. We'll just have to wait for it to be made available.
  20. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    Sea Fury V-12 is up for download :thumb:

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