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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

  1. JT Fox

    JT Fox Member

    In an effort to save reading all 49 pages of this thread is there a guide to build ing these models?

    Do we cut holes in the fuselage and pass the wings though?

    Extra nose cone section?

    3 discs, are two of them formers?

    Cheers JTF
  2. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Trotskiy link

    Got the link and it works, thanks. I can't open the files, as I don't have Vista, and Acrobat Reader 9 won't run under Win 98. Oh well, it was worth a try.

    - Erik

  3. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Trotskiy Link

    I use XP and A 9 works fine for me. Can you upgrade to XP? or have you checked for windows compatibility thingy to see if that will make 9 work? Just a thought.

  4. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Thanks, now I will have to bite the bullet and upgrade to XP. That may be a bit of a challenge since XP isn't sold any more. Had Vista with the new Office suite at work and totally hate it. I'll shop for a used machine with XP on it, I suppose. This points out a serious problem with assuming a stable Acrobat PDF platform. When will Adobe stop being downward compatibility with version 5 files? Another example- can anyone access old Harvard Graphics files? Only with the old software. Just some random thoughts...
  5. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Windows XP and Adobe 9

    Check around, you might find someone who has the XP upgrades to 98 and ME. I used that to upgrade from ME to XP, no longer have the disc tho.

  6. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Yeah, thought about the XP upgrade, but I do believe it requires registration with microsoft to get the activation keys. So, it would have to be one that the owner never used. It adds some risk to a purchase, methinks. Another option is to find someone with Adobe 9 who would be willing to load and save the Trotskiy file as a version 5. Other than lack of USB drivers for a few gadgets, this is my only 'gotta get XP because' issue. The gorgeous little Trotskiy kits are more addictive than opium, so it is worth the trouble.
  7. trotskiy210

    trotskiy210 New Member

    I'm sorry ..troublesome...
    However, there is a deep reason for this.
    Please understand.
  8. Erik J

    Erik J Member

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, it is good to use current software, like Adobe Reader 9. My struggle is with my old Windows 98, and you do not need to support ancient computers like mine! I especially enjoyed building your beautiful Fi-156 Storch. Your card models are excellent!
    - Erik
  9. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    I had to get a new machine (thought about building my own but this ended up cheaper!). Anyway, Dell makes new machines that have XP installed on them.
  10. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Mr Trotskiy has up dated his site, still the FR-1, but now Babelfish will translate. really appreciate that.
    Thank you, Mr Trotskiy,
    Al (old retired USAF airman)
  11. newcomer

    newcomer Member

    so will google
  12. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Yes, but I was having to cut/paste for google to translate-Babelfish I just have to click on the link on the page
  13. cts125

    cts125 New Member

    Password changed...again??

    I just tried to d/l the latest Trotskiy plane and the 'new' password is not working.

    Has it been changed again?

    I tried the old one luck.

    Charles T
  14. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    you have to have adobe 9.
  15. cts125

    cts125 New Member

    I have Adobe 9....

    and it's still not working.

    So as far as anyone knows there have been no changes? If so, I'll keep working on my end to figure out the problem. Is the password still the same as listed in the post #681?


  16. edi

    edi Member

    password in post 681 was necessary to open the site, not the file!
    To open the file the password never changed
  17. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Works fine for me
  18. trotskiy210

    trotskiy210 New Member

    Curtiss P40E Warhawk is up(^o^).
  19. oklacnw

    oklacnw Guest

    Thank you, Mr. Trotskiy. Beautiful A/C, and much appreciated
  20. boosed

    boosed boosed

    Thank you for bringing back this famous airplane, Mr. Trotskiy. It is also kind and thoughtful of you to provide a full translation of the caption for non-Japanese speakers. Although I always took great pleasure in trying to do the translations, I know that other model builders will appreciate having the translations done by you.

    Perhaps I can add that this aircraft (White 38, serial 41-36402) is one flown by 1/Lt. Dallas A. Clinger. The 16th Fighter Squadron was originally part of the 51st Fighter Group stationed in India, but between June 1942 and October 1943, it was attached to the 23d Fighter Group in China.


    “Aces of the 51st Fighter Wing,” available from, accessed 30 July 2008.

    “CBI Order of Battle: Lineages and History,” available from, accessed 30 July 2008.

    René J. Francillon, U.S. Army Air Forces in the Pacific, Aero Pictorials 2, Fallbrook, CA: Aero Publishers, 1969.

    Carl Molesworth, P-40 Warhawk Aces of the CBI, Oxford, UK: Osprey Publications, 2000, p. 90.

    Don Boose

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