Trotskiy Planes

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

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    Thanks Paul!!
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    Hi Matt,
    I was late in discovering Mr Trotskiy's site... Can you also send me the pdf's for those planes? thanks!

    erwin_macalalad AT
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    I went to Trotskiy's site - How does it work and what is the password?

  5. Switched

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    Trotskiy-san changes the model available every few days. He doesn't always change the last updated date at the top of the page, so keep a close eye on what the pdf filename is. The model that is available is the one with the pink bar above it. You need to click on the pink bar to download the file. Clicking the picture takes you to information about the model. The password for the pdf file is the name of the designer, in lower case. You can get an "engrish" translation of the site by clicking on the "babelfish" link above the models. People earlier in the thread reported they couldn't download the file when using the babelfish page.
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    new hayate is up
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    Cool. This is another variation that isn't shown on his site.
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    any of you dont know if trotskiy has a Gloster Meteor or if he replies to his emails. please tell me my email is

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    type5b_v17.pdf is up!:thumb:
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    We only had to wait two days this time - type5a_v17 is up. Another variation that isn't shown on his site. :thumb:

    And here's the link to Trotskiy's Studio - Trotskiy's Studio
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    I haven't read this entire thread, so I apologise if this link is old news:

    Trotskiy's Studio (English-translated version)

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    KI-15 is up
  13. Trotskiy newest.

    Many thanks for the hint.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Greetz, :wave::wave::wave:Arie.

    Don't shoot me, i'm only the pianoplayer.:cry::cry::cry:
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    Ki-94 is up
  15. Trotskiy


    I think you have the eyes of a hawk.


    Don't shoot me, i'm only the pianoplayer
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    ki98_v18.pdf is now available.
  17. Nexus9

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    Achtung! me109g6_b_v15.pdf is now online.
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    Missed a couple

    Crap. I missed the last Japanese plane (with the twin booms), along with the Shinden from way back when. If anyone wants to email those to me..... they could send them to ob10 @ (remove spaces). :mrgreen: Thanks!

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    Hey OB10,
    I just sent you an email with both planes.
  20. Anyone willing to send me the American collection? I have the P-51 but I am not going to live long enough to get them the normal way. My e-mail

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