Trotskiy Planes

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by smsuski, May 4, 2005.

  1. Syouki70

    There is a new version of the Syouki to download.


    Don't shoot me, i'm only the pianoplayer.
  2. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat

    Um... You know the background image on the site - what's the plane - the flying boat that looks a bit like a Short Sunderland?
  3. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    Hi Cut'n'Paste the pictures changed now so im not sure if this is the one but there is a Japanese flying boat fits the bill, Kawanishi Emily there is a thread on this site with a link to a free model of one . Hope this helps.:mrgreen:
  4. Cut 'n' Paste

    Cut 'n' Paste Ex-pat


    Yeah! 'Course! I realize now what it is... Silly me! I also have the one from Fanatyk Kartonu - Modele FK that is pretty good too.
  5. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member

    Another version is available.
  6. degreen60

    degreen60 Member

    Syouki47-17 is up
  7. JLKasper

    JLKasper New Member

    Yo Tony...


    A New Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien is up!
  8. degreen60

    degreen60 Member

    hien295_v19.pdf Tony is up
  9. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    hayate47_v19.pdf is up.

    Say, if someone has the Mosquito, I'd really love to build it. :twisted:

    holden.ute AT

    Thanks :thumb:

  10. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    Thanks Arie!
  11. degreen60

    degreen60 Member

    hayate101_v19.pdf is up
  12. DeGreen60,

    Thanks a lot for the hint.

  13. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    I'm going to be really busy for the next couple of weeks, and I don't want to forget to check the Trotskiy site. If there's any other Linux (maybe also Mac) users out there, here's a script I wrote to keep an eye on things. It checks if there's new pdf files and then downloads and emails you if there are.


    #!/bin/bash -
    # Download PDF file/s from the main page of a site. Useful for
    # cardmodels that change, or new files added. Could be modified
    # for use with other files.
    # Run from CLI, or add to crontab.
    # Vars. Adjust to taste.
    # Functions
    lock () {
            local lockfile="$LOCK"
            if [ -f $LOCK ]; then
               if /bin/kill -0 $(cat $LOCK); then
                  /bin/echo " $0 already appears to be running."
                  /bin/echo " Please check $LOCK if you think this is in error."
                  exit 1
                  /bin/echo " $0 appears to have completed without cleaning up it's lockfile - $LOCK."
            /bin/echo $$ > $LOCK
    unlock () {
              /bin/rm -f $LOCK
    # Create a lockfile so that multiple instances cannot run.
    # Ensure $DIR exists. If not, create it.
    if [ ! -d $DIR ]; then /bin/mkdir -p $DIR; fi
    # Rotate logfiles
    if [ -f ${LOG}.4 ]; then
       /bin/mv ${LOG}.4 ${LOG}.5
    if [ -f ${LOG}.3 ]; then
       /bin/mv ${LOG}.3 ${LOG}.4
    if [ -f ${LOG}.2 ]; then
       /bin/mv ${LOG}.2 ${LOG}.3
    if [ -f ${LOG}.1 ]; then
       /bin/mv ${LOG}.1 ${LOG}.2
    if [ -f ${LOG} ]; then
       /bin/mv ${LOG} ${LOG}.1
    cd $DIR
    # Get PDF files
    /usr/bin/wget -c -m -l1 --no-parent -A.PDF,.PDf,.Pdf,.pDf,.pdF,.pdf -U mozilla --referer=$SITE -nH $SITE -o $LOG
    /bin/sleep 1
    if /bin/grep .[pP][dD][fF] $LOG|/bin/grep saved > /dev/null 2>&1; then
       echo `/bin/grep .[pP][dD][fF] $LOG|/bin/grep saved`|/usr/bin/mail -s "New Trotskiy model downloaded" $EMAIL
    # Clean up the lockfile
  14. gregh

    gregh Member

    Thank You Mr.Trotskiy !!
  15. JLKasper

    JLKasper New Member

    Discontinued Trotskiys


    I have the DH Mosquito that is no longer available. Are there any more of like these out there that aren't on his site now?
  16. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    I think there's a handful. Ju-88, Me-262, F-86 off the top of my head. There's probably others. I'll send you a PM.

    I started the Mossie a couple of nights ago. I missed cutting one of the slots in the fuse near the tail wheel. I didn't notice until I had glued it that things were crooked. Time to start again.

  17. Mosquito

    I would very much like the Mosquito if you would consider sending it to me.
  18. Switched

    Switched Recidivist

    Another one up - hayate22_v19.pdf
  19. Proniakin

    Proniakin New Member

    Hawker Typhoon


    Does anyone have a copy of the Trotsky Typhoon that was available last June?



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