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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Lighthorseman, Jan 22, 2003.

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    Management at the Megill River Lumber Co. are looking at a great deal on a little electric tram for running their workers to and from the logging jobsite. We're talking about a short stretch of rickety track, not too well-maintained, and as the loggers are getting a free ride, they wouldn't grumble too much about getting out and helping re-attach the pole to the guy wire. I'm thinking poles canted at the not-quite square, not-quite uniform height...but work in a pinch.

    What diameter trolley poles should they use? Could they even string the wire up through existing trees? Wouldn't that be cool?
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    Hi Steve, I don't have an answer, but you might be interested in Electric Loggers in the loggin' forum :D :D :D
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    Line poles

    Are you asking a prototype or modeller size?
    What scale?
    I did HO trolleys using 1/8" dowel for powels and it was a bit flimsy; i ran the span wires through the pole and down to baseboard anchors. Used to be able to get brass poles (eighth inch or larger rod, threaded at the bottom end. some had suspension hardware added).
    Use the trees if they're as strong as the brass rod and anchored. You could have a vignette with a crew having partially cut one down.
    Check your local prototype -- what size poles does Edmonton use on their trolley & trolley bus lines?
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    Sorry I only JUST found ya thread

    Hi Lighthorseman.

    Sorry mate I missed this by a mile. how is the project coming along???

    David gave you a good run down on which way you could do it.
    I have used a lot of 1/8th dowle it`s good cheap and holds up well on the staight runs but on the curve the tention of the overhead will cause the poles to lean :(
    As david said depending where your trees are you can string a very stong thin wire across as long as you can solder some type of hanger to it.

    Check out spitfires website "urbanscene" and you can download the instructions on how to build trolly poles..
    In this shot of my layout you can see the dowel overhead.
    I drill 1/16th hole in both at the right hight and the use a 1/16th brass rod to span it then solder the hanger followed by the 25gauge phosphate/bronze wire.
    Hight of wire from the top of your rails should be about 20scale feet so allow for the hanger the span 1/16th should be about 21 or22 scale ft from rail.
    I hope that the info can help and it`s not to late .:( :)

    By the way I some times glue a piece of dowel across the top to add strenght

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    Okay, here's a mockup. The dowling is a scale 12 inch diameter, and a scale 24 feet high. The little tram is a Bachmann unit, and I just couldn't resist.

    For the time being, I'd like to use this under the pretense that the logging line got a great deal, had lots of leftover poles and wire lying around, and are using him to ferry loggers to and from the logging area.

    Eventually, I'd like to scratchbuild some sort of box-motor type body for the power truck.

    What I'm wondering is this; do the poles look to be about the right size? How far apart would they usually be? (actual feet)

    Here's the first shot...

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    The overhead isn't even going into the logging spurs, where the tram is positioned now. It will pass by on the "main" line, from one tiny burg to another. These pictures do, however, indicate where the poles would be in relation to where the trolley is, where the trolley pole is, etc.

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    I'm sure that the usual trolley poles are taller, but this is supposed to be a rickety narrow gauge "make-do" thing. Also, the trolley's power pole will not be positioned so high when attached to the wire.

    Look okay? Ideas?

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    Hi Steve,

    The poles look a bit to thick to me;) I would use 1/8 dowel .


    On a stright run you can space the poles every 10 inch /12inch you can soon work out the scale feet.
    Remember to hang the over head WIRE 20scale ft from the top of the rail. Steve you can`t hang the wire slack you`ll just dewire the power pole:( .
    When you meet the curve in the track thats when it will eat up your poles.
    When you plant your poles do not go to near the track especially on the curve allow enough room in case you obtain a unit with a bit of a overhang (I use me thum:D from end of track sleepers to pole hole:D ) hey it works for me:D :D :D
    SO Poles 1/8 dowel
    1/16th brass between the poles 22ft above the wire.
    Make z hanger 020gauge wire.
    Solder the z to the 1/16 in place over the track.
    Then solder trolly wire 25gauge phosphate bronze
    Plenty of flux and dont burn yaself:D :p

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