Trolley bus overhead wires in H0?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TEP 60, Sep 5, 2006.

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    A lot of decorative trolley buses are produced currently in H0. Are any trolley bus overhead wires, even decorative, ever produced currently in H0?
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    "ever produced currently"? There were some Eheim/Brawa trolley buses that were advertised as HO but were rather oversized--they were actually probably closer to 1:72 or S scale, and the power pickups were definitely oversized. The overhead "wire" for picking up current was more like lightweight rail than trolley wire. So far as I know these are no longer being produced but they can be found on eBay. If you are looking for something non-powered but actually realistic-looking, that's kind of a tall order: the best bet would be to start with an HO scale bus and add a pair of Bowser HO scale trolley poles. Overhead could be strung like a streetcar but running two wires parallel to each other, using Suydam poles and fixtures. A stop at in the Schoolhouse section will teach you all you'll need to know about hanging trolley wire, and the components can be had from , whose operator George Huckaby wrote many of the tutorials in the aformementioned Trolleyville schoolhouse.
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    The Eheim overhead came in two generations - the first was a metal strip and probably scaled near a foot high. The later version was wire, about 3" diameter. (I have a loop of this). The switches and crossings for the system were absolutely huge. The shoes on the trolley poles were the size of rail joiners, well code 70 rail joiners.
    The buses had the trolley poles mounted at the front so that they could steer the front axle.
    Working TB overhead might be tricky, as the two wires need to be insulated. Might be possible with micro-filament fishing line.
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    Does Suydam have a web site? Please, give me the link.
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