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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by ryans63, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. ryans63

    ryans63 New Member

    Hopefully I can explain this well enough. I want to make electronic trip wires, best description I can think off. Basically I want to make a small box that I can mount to a tree/ground/etc and run a trip wire across a path with one end of the trip wire attached to the box that has either a switch or pin it is attached too-the wire, and the other end of the wire attached to whatever. So when someone walks thru the trip wire it pulls out a pin or flips a switch which turn the “box/sensor” on and it send a signal to a small control box where it makes a red light flash after its been tripped/activate. I would have say four of the sensors and whatever one, or all, are activated/tripped it flashes that warning light. I drew a crappy pic, did it in paint so I had limitations. if sensor one is tripped/activated it flashes the light on the control panel so I know it was sensor one and then can tell where someone tripped it, so if two are tripped, say sensor 1 and 2, only those two lights flash. It has to all be wireless and somewhat small, with a signal range of probably 75 feet etc. Also maybe have something in the control/warning box/panel that vibrates when a sensor is tripped/activated so it will alert you if you are laying down and don’t have to watch the panel none stop. Basically a sophisticated “trip flare”. I have extensive knowledge in electronics, I am a mechanic, just not in these type of electronic areas. Any one help? If anyone has a idea a schematic would also help big time, like I said I have experience just not in what I need help with. Thanks!!!

  2. MOS95B

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    Depending on what you need it for, you're better off with an electron or laser trip wire. Physical trip wires are one shot deals usually. An electronic trip wire can auto reset.

    But, the setup you're describing could be as simple as a string tied to a toggle switch that would activate a radio signal to your main base.
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