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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by jeffmorris, Sep 11, 2006.

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    I used "IntelliCAD 6.2 PE+" 3D CAD program to create a 3D model of a car, exported the model to a DXF file, loaded the file into "Pepakura Designer" program to unfold the 3D model to 2D, copied the unfolded model to the Windows Clipboard, pasted the model into "Robo Master" program, resized the model to fit the cardstock paper, saved the model to GSD file, loaded the file into "Wishblade Advanced" program, made a test cut using pen, and cut out the model. When I fold the model into 3D, some parts don't fit properly. I think that the "Pepakura Designer" program doesn't take the thickness of paper into account when unfolding the 3D model into 2D. I ordered a license key for "Pepakura Designer" program yesterday morning but I didn't get the key. Any suggestions on using 3D CAD and "Pepakura Designer" programs to create 3D paper models?
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    Whew! Your not asking much, are you? :grin: (Intellicad has 3d now? Hmm, it *has* been a while since I last used it.) I don't produce my original designs in 3d because I haven't learned it (yet?). However, I have played around with Pepakura bit. From what I've done myself and read on the various forums, the simpler the 3d model, the better. A number of designers break their models into sections that p'kura can handle better. Also, never accept the first unfold the the program gives you. You'll be better off when you receive your key and can save your pdo files. I'm still trying to get an arrangement from a model I found on the web somewhere that will be buildable by anyone else but me. It certainly helps to be able to save it in between attempts.

    That's about all the advice I can give with my limited experience. But don't worry, there are many here who know much more than I do, and I'm sure they'll chime in shortly. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of paper mangling, err, designing. :)

    Scott K.
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    I need better software for creating 3D models and unfolding 3D models into 2D.
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    The most popular ones around here are Metasequoia (Meta) ( for modelling, and Pepakura for unfolding. Meta is free (for now), and Pepakura is not very expensive. I've begun modelling with these tools and they are all you need to get the job done. A good paint program is the only other thing you might want.

    I tried about 6 different modelling programs, both freeware and shareware, and none were as good all around as Meta. It takes a little time, practice, and patience to learn the interface, but it's well worth it.

    Good luck,

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