Tried DCC Accessory Routing but....

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by vanda32547, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. vanda32547

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    Well guys and gals,

    I was playing around with accessory routing today on my MRC Prodigy Advance System and it's really cool, once I figured out what the directions were actually trying to say. ;)

    I put 4 turnouts into route #1 and when I pushed the appropriate button... 3 of them switched but the 4th one did not. So I deleted my route #1 and started over again. This time 3 of them switched but the 4th one (a different one in the group) did not switch? I have no problem controlling these switches individually but this routing thing has got me stumped. :confused:

    I am using the Lenz LS150 for my Atlas turnout controls. 2 units with 6 controls each for a total of 12 turnouts of which 10 are currently in use.

    Could it be my power supply? The pulse duration? ( I sure don't want to fry my switches) Anyone have any ideas on what I could try or check?

  2. theBear

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    Are you paying attention to the direction that the points must move when setting up those switches.

    2-12 in the manual speaks to this.

    I don't have such a critter to play with so I'm sitting here with pdfs of the manuals but haven't a clue as to how you have that unit wired to the turnouts or what direction you have programed for the 1or2 sides of the route for each assessory switch.

    This is exactly like trying to devine if you are doing geriatric research on ardvarks or making old gnu stew from trace bits left on the floor.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  3. CalFlash

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    Don't forget, it only fires the turnouts needed for the selected route: if any are already lined up, they will not be effected. When setting up the route pay careful attention to which direction is "normal" and "reversed" so you enter the correct direction in the command.
  4. Woodie

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    I'm not sure how the routing works, but I assume you've got some stationary decoders that you Lenz LS150 addresses. Set the route and it will tell the decoders to switch the appropriate turnouts.

    Does the power for the soleniods also come from the decoder? Is there a CDU (Capacitor Discharge Unit) in there somewhere? If there is, there may not be enought "ooomph" in the CDU to switch all 4 turnouts at once. My CDU (not using DCC or decoders) will only manage to switch 3 solenoids at once. Not enough "ooomph" in the pulse to do any more than that.

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