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  1. Nothing

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    thanks i missunderstood the thread. i really cant wait to see this one come out!!
  2. dpileggi

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    A Thank You.

    Dear Heinkel111

    You should be a proud father, your model is a beautiful work of art. Thank you sharing it.


    David Pileggi
  3. nice looking model.....the swastikas are backwards though. Very nice to make this a free model. :)
  4. heinkel111

    heinkel111 Member

    You cross them German they have been eliminated.

    Because? There are forums that are prohibited.

    It is necessary to have happily to the whole world:thumb:
  5. loadmat

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    Computer dummy question - When a white box with a red X it shows in place of a photo - how do I fix it.

    Scale dummy question - I received a tank model that was supposed to be 1:25 scale but when I opened it, the box above the screen said it was 87% of the actual size of 1:25. Do I increase it 13% when I copy it to bring it back up to 1:25, or am I looking at this in to simple of a manner?
  6. Stev0

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    Pretty amazing model. Thanks ever so much Heinkel for your work. I really like the textures applied to the digital.

    Good work!
  7. widget

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    About the scale question: it sounds like a PDF file. The 87% showing in the box at the top of the document is a "fit to page" /auto size type thing. Clicking the smaller box next to it will give you a range of veiwing sizes.
    You can adjust the size of your printout in your print settings on the computator (Rescale/resize)
    Hope this helps.
  8. w.holzinger

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    Dear Heinkel111,
    hello everybody,

    Your Triebfluegel is a very good model, and I'm looking forward to see your version of the Eugen Sänger "Silverbird". May I invite you to visit my homepage under; click on the English flag and go to the model's section. There you'll find a free download of the "Silverbird" beside some information about a model of the "Triebfluegel" I designed nearly 2 years ago.

    Hope you'll enjoy it.
    Best regards, Wolfgang
  9. Peter the Ingrate

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    It might be thought that he may have visited already.
  10. loadmat

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    How is this Gem downloaded, ME espaniol much small

  11. oklacnw

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    All I can say is:gosh, that is great! Beautiful model
    Thanks for posting,
  12. Nothing

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    space paper models has a link to download this model. i would post it but dont have the designers permission to do so. so head over there if you whant it!
  13. chapuzas100

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    You could put a direct link to view this download?
  14. Nothing

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    the only link that works gives a direct download. if an admin says that would be ethical i will. but i d rather have permission before providing a direct download link. i know it sounds idiotic on my part but i really dont whant to upset anybody.
  15. chapuzas100

    chapuzas100 Member

    I mounted the beta version of the model, and that it is the wish of his designer who discharges of this model are free, the model is free and no matter of the page you download.

    Inspired and assembles the model, we are hoping to see another model assembled.

  16. Nothing

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  17. loadmat

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    I'm still unable to find the download for the Triebflugel - Help Please


    ARMORMAN Guest

    Any chance of getting the version with the swastikas on the tailfin?
  19. Nothing

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    the designer said no he whanted the model free to everyone including countries offended by the swastica in any form. so that everyone can enjoy it he decided to leave them off.

    i have the link 2 posts up. goto free download it should ring it up.
  20. Nothing

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    as soon as i get some paper i plan on starting this one.

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