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  1. Nothing

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    Thats awesome!
  3. Dyna-Soar

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    Just in time for the TNG 20th Anniversary!

  4. Nothing

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    pm me with e-mail ill send it to ya.:thumb:
  5. hayling99

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    Ok wow.
    Thats really good. You seem to have got every detail on that spot on.I love it. Great work.
  6. hayling99

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    Sorry, forgot to ask, how long did it take you to build?
    Are you planning to release it as a download? if so where could i download it from?
    Again, love it.
  7. dose it open and close
  8. Gearz

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    "There's something wrong with this tricorder Captain.. its saying the whole crew is.... drooling..???"

    Great Job nothing ~ excellent detail!!!.. Can we have a closer look at those hinges? did you use wire?. Some optional 'screens' would be fun... Gota have a 'Its worse than that Jim............"

  9. JackFrost

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    OOOOoooohhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhh a new shiny to add to the list, must resist noo nooooo its assimilating me .
    Actually thats really great :woot1:
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  11. jaeike

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    That is truly stunning! PM on the way!
  12. Nothing

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    ok ididnt think this many people would be interested or think it was good enough to build. so here is the file.

    a couple of notes: the boxy buttons are 3 ply laminates as the boxes were too small to fold. i used a silver sharpie to paint the caseing. and finally, mine does open and close but i used 3 peices of styrene tube with wire for the hinges. outside tubes glue to one part and middle tube glues to other.
    pictures for example:
    tricorder hinge 001.jpg
    tricorder hinge 002.jpg

    model: View attachment
  13. MOS95B

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    Thank you for sharing!!!!

  14. Coot59

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    I second or third it. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  15. Nexus9

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    Beam me up!
  16. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Thanks for the tricorder model. If we'd had that ten years ago when my son went to a Star Trek convention in the Albert Hall, London, complete with Voyager-style uniform my wife made him, he'd have been really pleased. I think that today, at nearly thirty, he'll still enjoy having one!

    Thanks again.
  17. Gearz

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    Thanks for the model nothing ! nice work ~ LOVE those hinges ~ CLEVER !

    **Its good to see someone giving the 3d source credit ~ max points! it doesn't happen enough.. :thumb::thumb:

    (sorry I couldn't resist it )

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    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Master-Bruce

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    Great work buddy!! I'll be downloading this bad boy!! Don't know when I'll get to build it though. :)
  20. The-Jazzman

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    Very Nice. Thanx! :thumb:

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