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  1. deerslayerb

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    Wanted to run four locomotives on separate loops but I'm running out of space in my garden area. My wife suggested elevating some of the track. Good idea but I'm having trouble locating trestles or bridges that are prebuilt, no skills in scratch building. What source would any of you suggest ? Cost is not too large a problem . dave burr
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    There are alternatives to tressal bridges. You can make steel truss bridges out of plywood without to much trouble. Or cement arch bridges for longer spans, can also be cut from plywood. Personaly I like the cement arch bridges as an alternative to tressals. These bridges can look quite dramatic.

    Here is a simple one.

    Here is a plate girder bridge.

    Here is a real concreat arch bridge.

    Here is a relatively easy type of suspention bridge.

    This bridge is something like what you could do in your garden.

    Here is another plate girder bridge.

    Here is a fine concreat arch bridge.

    And another.

    Here is a plate girder bridge that spans quite a ways.

    One more.

    TrainClown ;)
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    Aristocraft make an extremely good Truss Bridge, 42 inch long, part assembled for about $80 check Ads in Garden Railways for St Aubins. I have one and it the centrepiece of my pike, very photogenic.
    Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.
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    There was someone at the ECLST last year who was selling all sorts of bridges that were
    well constructed and looked accurate- If he's there this year I'll get his email and website for you - the show is Apr 1- 3rd. I have an Aristo Truss bridge- It's not near as nice as these- Last year Aristo was offering what I think was a stone style bridge about 3foot long- I'll also check at the show to see if thy are still available and the part number
  5. Philinbos

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