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  1. Relic

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    I havent been at this train thing long but I think some kinds of Astilbe flowers make pretty good looking spruce treez. Also Sedum makes a good hardwood I pass off as elm.Ya gotta paint them but they might be FREE
  2. cidchase

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    Thanx, Relic
    sounds like a good tip :)

    and Welcome to The Gauge :thumb:

    Not sure about that handle tho, prolly 50% of the folks here
    are over the double nickel and hate computers :D :D :D
  3. Drew1125

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    Hi Relic!
    Welcome to the forum! :wave:

    Here's a picture of some trees I made using stuff from my yard, including crepe myrtle, astilbe, & seedum..for the undergrowth, I used pieces of plastic scouring pads from the kitchen...


  4. Relic

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    Hey HBM as near as I can figger there are a bumch of different flowers for differant astilbe plants.some look more like spruce than others. I got a few from a neighbor that were a kind of red before I painted them but they had more of a sprucy shape. And I got the double nickle covered
  5. XavierJ123

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    We just had a clinic at our club meeting on how to make trees from sedum. You harvest it in the fall when it dies and let it dry until spring. Then you spray paint it with cheap flat black or brown. Immediately after painting you sprinkle with different colors of Woodland Scenics green foam or green sawdust or whatever and follow this with a good spray of cheap, cheap, cheap aerosol hairspray. Have a ball!

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