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Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by 2-6-0 Mogul, Apr 23, 2007.

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    HI everybody,

    First off let me say I model On30 and I love it!!. My question is about Trees. Though I know how to model them I m lost on how to do so in O scale. How do I make a Tree 4 (O scale feet in Diameter? ) 1" Dia Balsa Square Dowels is Rare to come by not to mention making a forest of them would cost a small fortune to do. Is there another way to do it? Below is a picture of a HO scale Tree made from 1/2" square balsa. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Welcome to The Gauge...!

    As for trees in O scale - make 'em bigger... ;) :D

    Sorry - could not resist. Try looking for Paul Templar's work. He goes by the name "shamus" here, but his work can be found across the internet - try a google search. He worked his way up (so to speak) to O scale from HO a few years ago.

  3. 2-6-0 Mogul

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    Ok I will give that a try thanks.
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    Try using ceder shingles, split them into strips then taper them to a point. The long shingles should be about 16 inches in lenght. That should make a large tree trunk. Then you can use what ever means that you want for makeing the branches. Have fun!
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    If you have a lathe then chuck a 2x4 that you have ripped in half and use that for a tree.

    Another idea is simply to get smaller pieces of balsa and glue them together to form bigger pieces.

    You might also try real logs or sticks that are the right diameter.
    I am sure others will have more ideas. :)
    I hope that helps you out there

    Oh yeah, welcome to the gauge. :D
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  7. ScottyB

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    I like Paul's way of making trees, but balsa dowels seem impossible to find. Googling for it comes up with a bunch of UK sites, but nothing in the US.

    I was about to start on trees and was thinking of just getting 3/4"x3/4" rods and sanding them down...

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    Since a forest is actually rather dense, you really only need a few front of the layout quality tree's.........Put your expensive to make tree's up front and near Photo Opportunity spots (area's you'll be taking lots of pictures on your layout)
    Pauls Method is a Good one...well proven and well documented & his tree's photograph well.

    Here is an alternative for you to get some variety and to fill up those wooded area's.
    Heres an Improved Bottlebrush Method....several experiments with different materials have been conducted & a full tutorial done.

    Check for other tutorials, there are several...enough to create a forest
  9. Randy May

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    on30 trees

    announce1Here are some trees Ive done with furnace filter bows and 1"1/2-1"1/4 trunks done with pine dowel rods,,,,,,,about a $1.50 apiece,,,,my tree ideas come from the "Red Rocks Railroad",,,:wave:heres there link;

    :twisted:here are some pics of the trees iv'e done:these are 24"-30" tall,,,,I figure about a cost of $2.50 each,,,,Randy May:thumb:

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    Thanks for the info, guys. I finally found an advantage to modeling in N scale! I was beginning to believe there were none!
  11. electric130

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    what are those?
  12. sumpter250

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    What are furnace filter bows?
    Why, they are the front of furnace filter ships! They are what furnace filters shoot their arrows with! It is a furnace filter's response to lots of applause after a fine act! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    Oh, those furnace filter bows! :oops: Bits of fiber glass furnace filter material can be attached to a central "trunk" and covered with "greenery", to make some good looking model trees. I've used Woodland Scenics tree trunks and attached furnace filter bits to make some good looking, fairly rugged, HO scale trees.
    The trees I usually make, use natural twigs for trunk and branch, with "polyfiber" as the finer branch structure. Furnace filter takes the place of polyfiber as the finer branch structure.
    .......They are also necessary for the playing of furnace filter violins! :rolleyes: :mrgreen:
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    :agree1: An endless supply of O scale tree trunks.


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